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I'm American, I've lived in Romania my whole life. I love movies way to much. Marvel, Harry Potter, Scorsese, Spielberg, and Russell Crowe.

Star Wars seems to be everyone's favorite franchise, it may not be mine personally, but I still really enjoy the movies. Star Wars has done a lot of amazing things that modern sci-fi writers only dream of and I think that's something to brag about. In this article I'll give a brief review of every Star Wars movie and then I'd love to see what everyone's favorite one is, even though I think I know the answer.

Star Wars review: I call the original Star Wars, Star Wars because that's what it was released as and that's what I call it. I love adore this movie, it's my favorite one hands down. Everything about this movie is pure and simply amazing, the characters are introduced so perfectly. I care about every character and that's saying something, I think character development is one of the biggest things to make a great movie. It you have an amazing character everyone will remember him and tell everyone about this particular character. Star Wars doesn't have one memorable character, it's got about ten! Almost every character that appears on screen is awesome and that's what makes this movie so remarkable. From the battles, to the characters, to the visuals, this movie is an epic sci-fi adventure and I give it an A+.

The Empire Strikes Back seems to be everyone's favorite and I don't see why, yes it's amazing and action-packed, but it just doesn't beat the original. The training sessions Yoda bore me. It's not even training it's just jumping around and shit. I would have loved to see some actual lightsaber training, but all I got was boring jumping and gymnastics. Other than that the movie is amazing and I love watching it. The characters are still awesome and likable, the villain, Darth Vader, is still awesome, badass and remarkable. I give The Empire Strikes Back an A.

Return of the Jedi was my favorite Star Wars movie as a kid, I adored the Ewoks and loved all the awesome action sequences. I realize that this is the worst out of the original trilogy, but I still love this movie. I still love the Ewoks too. After a much darker and dirtier tone of The Empire Strikes Back, this one turns into more of a family movie even though it does have big dramatic moments like the first two. The action sequences are still amazing and they still hold up today! I will always love this movie and will always enjoy watching it. It's a very good ending for a very good trilogy, I give Return of the Jedi an A.

The Phantom Menace is a terrible movie, the acting is terrible, the visuals are bland, and the characters are terrible. I hate Anakin as a character I want him to die. Everyone seems like they are bored because they're just standing in front of a green screen! It's Star Wars and there's no practical effects it's all visuals effects that aren't even good! I really hate this movie, I don't even think I have to say anything about Jar-Jar at this point. I give this movie a D, because the lighsaber battle was badass.

Attack of the Clones is better than episode one is my opinion, but it still sucks. Obi-One Kenobi really holds up this movie. His part of the story is awesome and is the only reason why I can re-watch this movie. I hate Anakin, he's a creepy stalker! Padme is so stupid for falling for this freaking retard! I give Attack of the Clones a C-.

Revenge of the Sith is still not a good movie, I hate Anakin so much at this point and don't give a damn about him or his stupid wife. This movie could have been the one with out the dull politics, but it still went back to it. A big battle could be starting and Lucas would turn it back to the talking and it killed me! This is the better prequel, the beginning is really cool, but almost everything else just falls apart like the other two prequels. I give Revenge of the Sith a C+.

The Force Awakens, thank Jesus for this movie, with the sour taste of the prequels in my mouth I was ready for Star Wars to go back to being great, and that's exactly what J.J. Abrams did. He made a movie that's worthy of being called a Star Wars movie, it brought in new and amazing characters alongside old favorites like Han, and Leia. This movie is amazing, it's filmed beautifully on location and it blew my mind. It did feel like a remake of the original, but while doing that it threw in a bunch of new and awesome stuff that it didn't even bother me. I give The Force Awakens an A.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a really cool movie, it had the tone of The Empire Strikes Back times ten and it had a really awesome character. Jyn Erso was the only developed character in the movie and that disappointed me. All the other characters were cool, but they didn't live up to the Star Wars character standard, like Rey and Finn did. The movie was really cool, I'd have to spoil things to tell you what other things I didn't like about it so I'll just grade it. I give Rogue One a B+.


Best Star Wars movie?

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