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Today, on the brief Nintendo Direct, the Japanese gaming superpower Nintendo announced that 2 brand new Pokemon games are slated for release this year. This is huge news, as it marks the 7th Generation of Pokemon Games. You can watch the Nintendo Direct here.

Apart from announcing the 2 new Pokemon games, titled Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, The Nintendo Direct also gave a general time that the games will be released. Holiday 2016, the entire world will be able to get their hands on the new Pokemon games. The announcement video also shows children from around the world enjoying Pokemon games with their friends, as a way to commemorate another special announcement: new languages for players!

As stated in the video, previously, fans were forced to pick from 7 possible languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French, German, or Italian. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, however, allow both traditional and simplified Chinese as an option. The additional languages added also mean that more players can interact with each other, possibly creating great friendships, which is an awesome thing for everyone. This is great, as it means even more players will be able to enjoy themselves and create memories by exploring and catching monsters to have them fight to the death! Kind of morbid, if you think about it.

Starting tomorrow, players can download the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Special Pikachu Edition Yellow from the Nintendo E-Shop. These games were released in 1998 and 1999. Usually, a re-release would not be the biggest news, but along with it comes another special feature. Players can now transfer Pokemon caught in the original 3 games to their newer generations. That means when Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are released, you can take your Pikachu that was caught in the first game, and transfer it to your newest game. That is a 6 Generation difference! It's crazy to think how far technology has come. What a great way for Nintendo to say "thank you" to all of their fans, both young and old. Nintendo has turned Pokemon's 20th Year into something that anyone can enjoy.

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