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Ask anybody about video games in 2016 and they will probably tell you that it wasn't the best year ever to be a gamer. That doesn't mean it was a bad year, however. Just a slightly over hyped one.

That being said, 2016 still had some phenomenal games released. Remakes of old favorites, long awaited and delayed games, and even some unexpected indie gems. This is my personal Top Ten Games of 2016. Lets get started!

#10- The Last Guardian

Developed by Team Iko, who also made the masterpieces that are Iko and Shadow of the Colossus (One of my favorites EVER) it really shouldn't be any surprise that this game is on my list. The Last Guardian tells the story of a man, later in his life, recalling an adventure he had when he was a young boy. Cast into a pit with a large, man-eating beast, the young boy befriends the weird puppy-cat-bird-weasel called Tricco. If you enjoy stories about companionship and trust, The Last Guardian is a must buy. The only thing holding this back from being higher on the list is the sometimes wonky controls. Otherwise, every detail of this game is painstakingly beautiful!

#9- Bioshock: The Collection

Now hang on. Before you crucify me for putting a remaster on here, take in mind what this package accomplishes. This allows anybody who has never played any of the 3 Bioshock games to play them and all of their DLC for $60. All 3 Bioshock games are phenomenal (Yes, 2 and infinite are both great.) For the value alone this package is worth it. If you have yet to play any of the Bioshock games, I highly recommend picking up Bioshock: The Collection.

#8- Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is the first Battlefield since Battlefield Bad Company 2 that i feel really does everything right. From limiting vehicle spawns to a certain number of total vehicles rather than a certain number of each vehicle, to the necessary variety of class tools that reward multiple play styles. First person shooters are not typically my go to, but Battlefield 1 brought back the series to new heights.

#7- Killing Floor 2

This game might have been a little higher on the list, had i owned it on PC, which gives tons of extra content thanks to modding, rather than ps4. Looking at all of the content that the base game offers, though, is still plenty enough to place it on this list. Every kill is satisfying, every gun feels right, and every match is 20 or so minutes of great fun. Playing as the Zeds in PVP survival is gory and rewarding, and i've sunk easily 30 hours in so far after picking it up last week.

#6- Hitman (2016)

Hitman, which has no subtitle, has always been a series I have enjoyed. Hitman: Blood Money on the original Xbox was one of my brother's and I's favorite games. Hitman: Absolution, while not being the best game ever, was still decent in my own opinion. Due to the poor sales of Hitman: Absolution, however, Hitman 2016 took a different approach: Episodic. If you have played any Tell Tale game, you already understand the approach they took. Hitman, however, amplified the episodic game in a unique way: open world. Every level is packed to the brim with things to do, so even though there is only 6 levels, I've played each level at least 3 or 4 times over, figuring out different ways to do the same objective. Offering tons of content and a multitude of ways for me to achieve success is a sure-fire way to make a great game that stands out in a big way.

#5- DOOM

DOOM! DOOM DOOM DOOM! After this game was announced, I instantly went back and played classic Doom to feel that same rush of fast paced action that I hadn't felt in the same way for years. After picking this game up on the night of release (something that I don't typically do), DOOM won me over with its fast paced, ballerina-with-a-shotgun style action, gory and satisfying kills, and over-the-top violence. If you're sick of the typical, cover based, regenerating health shooters, I highly recommend DOOM. Hell, even if you aren't sick of those shooters, pick up DOOM. JUST PLAY DOOM, ITS VERY GOOD.

#4- Final Fantasy XV

Being a huge fan of The Witcher series, as well as the Monster Hunter series, I was incredibly excited when i first saw Final Fantasy XV gameplay, taking on huge beasts with a few in-game buddies. I was genuinely impressed, after not having played a final fantasy game since Final Hallway 13, and before that Final Fantasy 7. I am not a veteran of the series by any means, but Final Fantasy XV makes me want to go back and experience the worlds of the previous games, which is an achievement in its own right. With a revamped combat system, a gorgeous and content-filled open world, and 4 of the most entertaining and life-like protagonists I've seen in any game this year, Final Fantasy XV deserved every hour of playtime that I've put into it.

#3- XCOM 2

I have to be honest, I had not even heard of XCOM until XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the 2012 revamp of the franchise. I do, however, have a love for strategy games as well as sci-fi settings, so XCOM sounding like a match made in heaven. The sequel to Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 improves upon its predecessor in nearly every way. More varied missions, more impressive technology, a greater threat, and more fun to be had. Every character that enlists into my small militia is somebody that i bond with, mostly because I make them look like my friends, but I actually care for their well being and I want them to succeed.

#2- Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 takes a step back from Dark Souls 2 to its roots, and its better for it. Not that Dark Souls 2 is a bad game, but it changed too many key components to live up to the standards of the original. Dark Souls 3, however, is probably the single player game that drew me back the most this year. After completing the game at least 3 full times, I'm still tempted to return and test out some other builds for my characters. PVP is as satisfying as ever, weapon arts make the combat more varied, and the bosses match the horror that I experienced in the first game all over again.

#1- Overwatch

"You put a multiplayer shooter as the number one spot? OVERWATCH ISNT EVEN GOOD!" is something that I have prepared myself to hear. Honestly, though, no game came close to this spot. I have not had as much fun with a game all year like I have with Overwatch. That isn't saying the game is perfect, because it isnt! The point stands, though, that I have put easily 150 hours into Overwatch and I'm still not bored with it. Free DLC keeps the game fresh, constant updates fix some of the more unbalanced issues, and each of the so far 23 Characters have more depth and personality than some games with an actual campaign have! There was simply no competition for this spot, Overwatch is my favorite game of 2016 and I'm excited to see what it continues to add in 2017!

As always, let me know your thoughts, if you agree or disagree, and some of your favorite games of the previous year. Also, let me know of any games you're excited for in 2017!

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