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American Horror Story: Cult The seventh season of one of the hottest TV show has started airing, as of now only two episodes have been aired yet a lot of fan theories are coming our way. There are a lot of theories about the connections between all the seasons and they are very deep. Today we're not gonna dive that deep and only scratch the surface talk about the apparent connection among all the season of popular tv show and discus the possibility of an old character doing a cameo in new season


There a very simple pattern going on about how these seasons are connected, all the odd number seasons are connected to each other and even number season are connected to each other. Season 1, 3 & 5 are connected and 2, 4 & 6 are connected.

Just to support my theory here look at the history of characters making cameo appearances in different seasons of the series


Old characters coming back to a new season in AHS is not a new thing, It all startd in season four Freak Show that old characters started coming back, one of these characters was "Pepper" a pinhead was shown as a psycho killer who killed her own niece in a horrible fashion in season two, but we got to see the truth of her story in season four, and that was truly sad and heart breaking in many ways. Another character who returned from season two was "Dr. Arthur Arden" a chief physician at "Briarcliff" who is actually a Nazi war criminal named "Hans GrĂ¼per" he had a history of violence against women and a bondage fetish, in season 4 it was reveled that "Elsa Mars" was was one of her victim who got her legs amputated by him. The most surprising and astonishing cameo was by fan favorite "Sister Mary Eunice McKee" she was demon possessed nun in season two, in season four she returned in the last episode of Freak Show as her past self before she went berserk as she admitted Pepper to Briarcliff. Since the season four the last episode cameo has been happening and that is the most extraordinary type of special reappearance in AHS, lets call it

From left to right Pepper, Sister Mary & Dr. Arthur (Asylum top & Freak Show bottom)
From left to right Pepper, Sister Mary & Dr. Arthur (Asylum top & Freak Show bottom)

Fifth Season Hotel was no different even the Murder House itself made a cameo in the flashbacks of The Countess as she went to that house to get an abortion by Dr. Charles Montgomery (who was the original owner of Murder House) and end up heaving a horrible daemon baby who never got old. "Marcy" who sold the Murder House to the Harmons reappeared in season five to sell the Hotel. "Queenie" a human voodoo doll from Coven also checked into Hotel just to be killed by a dead man and eaten by a vampire. Then there was "Billie Dean Howard" a psychic who contacts souls of dead people came straight form season one to Hotel for

from left to right Queenie, Billie Dean, Dr. Montgomery & Marcy (Murder House & Coven to & Hotel bottom)
from left to right Queenie, Billie Dean, Dr. Montgomery & Marcy (Murder House & Coven to & Hotel bottom)

In season six there was only one appearance by an old character and that was the ultimate survivor of Asylum "Lana Winters" and that went amazingly well.

Top Asylum & Bottom Roanoke
Top Asylum & Bottom Roanoke

You may say that theory of linking odd and even seasons is wrong because the Twisty Clown has returned in Season seven he was originally from season four, but we know that he was killed by "Edward Mordrake" about half century ago so that's probably a copycat or an illusion we still don't know much about him and he's still not gonna play a significant part in story so no worries.

See it wasn't that deep.

All I'm concerned about is of Cult and here I have some characters that might return, lets see.

Cordelia Foxx

The Supreme on the Coven, very nice and sweetest witch in the whole coven and the headmistress who really did a great job to keep the school running and took prominent step to saved the dying breed of witches.

Over the years "Sarah paulson" has become the most prominent actor in AHS and roles she played in season one & season two have already reappeared in season five and season six respectively so that would make a lot of sense if the character she played in season three returns in season seven, Her every role is so unique and extraordinary that we can't get tired of watching them again. I really thinks she'll keep her streak going on. It would be very in interesting to Coven and Cult collide, that would make a lot of sense if "Winter Anderson" or some other cast member comes out as a witch and Supreme Witch comes to rescue her or something like that I'm sure Ryan Murphy will think of something.

She has also played "Sally" in Hotel but sadly her dead soul is busy on social media and can't leave the Hotel so that pretty much closes the case

Zoe Benson

If Cordelia doesn't make it somehow then the next character comes into mind is Zoe a girl with magic vagina that kills everyone who dares to reach there, that's not her only talent in fact she quiet extraordinary witch and everyone thought would become the next Supreme, In last season actress "Taissa Farmiga" played a small role she could do this again and probably could play the role she already played.

Character from season three have to show up, if we look at the record first two seasons had their fare share of cameos and it's time for glamorous witches to shine and teach the cult a thing or two.

Ramona Royale

If the above two possibilities don't work out then we move to season five and If any person from can actually leave the Hotel Cortez that's literally Ramona, one of the many love interests of "The Countess" and also an ancient vampire. she vowed to hunt down "Billie Dean" if she ever tell someone about Cortez and all the dead spirits in it and she drank the blood of Queenie so she lowkey terrorized two cameos. Besides her Iris is also alive but she's the manager of the Hotel and she never left it.

That's pretty much it. Knowing Murphy, he must have something up his sleeve there could be more than one character returning, well "Twisty The Clown" is already no matter if he's copycat or whatever and serves no purpose but still there's a minor connection but I'm still betting on "Cordelia Foxx" for

There are a lot of wonderful & interesting characters in Murder House and Hotel but they are dead and can't leave these places minus "Constance Langdon" played by legendary Miss Jessica Lange that we don't see coming back anytime soon at the sets of AHS, so that's pretty much the reason I'm hooked on these witches.


What do you think? Who's coming back?

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