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21st century is the era in the history of time where science and technology have gain so much advancement that humans couldn't have believed .Every nation in this world is trying to domain each other in terms of trade or by their advanced technology . Each and every country is trying to make or buy Hi-tech weapons ,nuclear submarines,nuclear warheads,5th generation jets and most significant aircrafts carriers.

But from my opinion jets significance is still more in many miliatries of world ,as they are powerful and most effective during wars. They are mostly used in dropping bombs and also for launching ballastic missiles that is the strong reason for increasing their importance rapidly . The most powerful nations like USA , Russia , China and European Union are in hurry of making more and more advance 5th generation jet fighters . In late 20th century 3rd and 4th generations were most in use by major military of world.

India is a strong nation in defence as she is the 3rd largest army nation and has many dangerous technology in terms weapons for her enemy nation.The Indian Air Force (IAF) has so far placed orders for 272 aircraftof which 50 were delivered by Russia in 2002-2004 and 2007. So far, more than 200 planes have already been delivered, and the Su-30MKI is the most numerous of the multirole fighters currently in service with the Indian Air Force. Now we know India also has aquired few 5th generation jet fighters, but still India is completely not in futuristic weapons race , but We all know she would be .

Finally what really matters is the Peace in this global village [Earth] .

It is good to predict Future but we should not forget ,

our Present , because , Past is the history, future is the mystery ,but present ? is a gift , that's why it is PRESENT.

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