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After the shocking Season 5 finale of Arrow saw Prometheus blow up Lian Yu with all of Team Arrow on the island, fans were left wondering if their favorite characters would make it out alive. Thus, with such an edge-of-seat cliffhanger, it's clear to see why The CW has been secretive about Season 6.

Almost all of the promotional material released features recycled Season 5 footage, intercut with a few new clips of characters that have already been confirmed to be alive (such as Black Siren and Dinah Drake). Furthermore, they all feature clips of Star City being overrun by gun-sporting henchmen. While all of this is undoubtedly epic footage, it's purposely mysterious.

However, a new promo, released by Canadian network Space, has filled in some of the blanks (and gives us a little more insight into how one of those characters made it off Lian Yu). Check it out below:

While the promo features a lot of the same footage, and is equally as secretive about certain ' fates as The CW's trailers, this one does reveal some interesting additional information.

Black Siren Was Saved — But By Who?

When Adrian Chase incited the explosion on Lian Yu, Black Siren was unconscious in the island's temple, after a battle with new Black Canary, Dinah Drake. The villainous Earth-2 doppelgänger of Laurel Lance had been knocked out by Laurel's father, Quentin. Flash forward to the Season 6 premiere, and Siren is alive and well as she invades the Arrow-cave and prepares for a rematch with Drake. Thus, we were left wondering: How did she survive the explosion?

The new promo may have just answered that question. In the trailer, we see a motionless Black Siren, lying in the temple debris as a mysterious figure approaches her. This clearly suggests that she was saved, or at least retrieved by someone.

A mysterious figure approaches the fallen Black Siren. [Credit: The CW]
A mysterious figure approaches the fallen Black Siren. [Credit: The CW]

We already knew that actress Katie Cassidy is returning to the show as a series regular, and previous promotional material suggested that Black Siren will have a major role to play in Season 6. Moreover, despite the fact that she's free of Prometheus' control, she still returns to Star City. Thus, perhaps she has returned to serve the person who saved her life. But the question is: Who is the individual that saved her? And perhaps more importantly, what do they need her to do for them?

Anatoly Returns To Star City

Another familiar face who pops up in the promo is Anatoly Knyazev. Fans of the series will know Anatoly and Oliver have shared a bond ever since they helped each other while imprisoned on the Amazo (as seen in the Season 2 flashbacks). While the leader of the Bratva would return occasionally to assist the Green Arrow whenever he was needed, he had a much more regular role in Season 5.

While the flashbacks showed us how Anatoly became the Pakhan of the Bratva, he also returned in the present day. But eventually, his methods led to him clashing with Oliver and the two had a major falling out. After Antoly admitted that he had indeed become like his villainous predecessor, Gregor, in Oliver's absence, his former friend allowed him to escape instead of killing him. But we all knew it was only a matter of time before he returned.

Now, with a vengeful Anatoly holding his former friend, and Star City's mayor, at gunpoint, we have to wonder if their friendship is well and truly beyond repair.

Anatoly reunites with Oliver, at gunpoint. [Credit: The CW]
Anatoly reunites with Oliver, at gunpoint. [Credit: The CW]

While The CW's trailers for Arrow Season 6 have been understandably sparing when it comes to new footage, Space's promo has helped us fill in some of the blanks. We previously knew that Black Siren made it off Lian Yu alive, but now we may have figured out how. Moreover, we also knew that gunmen attack Mayor Queen's transport, and while we previously thought this was Black Siren's henchmen, it may actually be the vengeful Anatoly.

This promo was definitely as secretive as the previous ones, but it did help us to understand the seemingly random footage a little better. And if this trailer is anything to go by, Season 6 of Arrow will be thrill-ride of epic proportions.

Are you excited for the Season 6 premiere of Arrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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