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Barry Allen may only have to wait a week until he marries the love of his life, Iris West, but this monumental event couldn't have been further from his mind in the latest episode of The Flash. Having finally come face-to-face with this season's Big Bad, Barry and his team met Clifford DeVoe in the closing moments of last week's outing, and they were shocked by their discovery.

While Season 4 has been praised for returning The Flash to its brighter roots, this week's episode took the show down a much darker route as it revealed The Thinker's origins. But this change didn't stop it from being a thrilling episode, as it added so much depth to the villain's story.

On that note, let's take a look at the most shocking moments from The Flash Season 4, Episode 7 "Therefore I Am."

1. Clifford DeVoe's Origin Story Is Revealed

The Thinker and The Mechanic are actually husband and wife. [Credit: The CW]
The Thinker and The Mechanic are actually husband and wife. [Credit: The CW]

While The Thinker had been making his presence felt in almost every single episode of The Flash Season 4 so far, we still didn't really know that much about him. But that all changed in this week's episode as we finally got understand the man behind the villainy — Clifford DeVoe.

After Barry uncovered that DeVoe was a wheelchair-using college professor with a loving wife in the conclusion of last week's episode, we were all shocked by the revelation. But the most shocking revelation is that it's all true. The villain's trusty sidekick, The Mechanic, isn't just his right hand-woman; she's his wife Marlize.

This episode was full of flashbacks that allowed us to get to know the man that The Thinker once was. It introduced us to Clifford DeVoe, the mousy professor who was unimpressed with modern society and wanted to expand the intellect of young people. With his beloved Marlize by his side, the pair created a "Thinking Cap" which would open the human brain up to endless possibilities and theoretically improve the intellect of the mind.

2. The Thinker Is Born

DeVoe gets struck by lightning. [Credit: The CW]
DeVoe gets struck by lightning. [Credit: The CW]

After revealing that DeVoe intended to hatch his master plan on the same night as the Particle Accelerator explosion, we were taken back to that fateful night. But not only did we once again revisit the scene from the Pilot in which Harrison Wells (the Reverse-Flash) introduced the world to his creation, we also got to see what DeVoe and his wife were up to on that night, as they too attended the press conference.

But as the Accelerator exploded, Clifford placed his "Thinking Cap" helmet on his head, and much like Barry Allen, he too was struck by lightning. The electricity flowed through his helmet and surged through his body, sending him flying back across the street. Marlize then found him unconscious and, thinking he was dead, she began to weep. But, with a gasp, DeVoe returned to life and it was clear that his plan had worked — his mind had expanded to an unthinkable degree. In that moment, Clifford DeVoe had become The Thinker.

3. Barry Breaks Into DeVoe's House

Barry commits a felony. [Credit: The CW]
Barry commits a felony. [Credit: The CW]

After speaking with DeVoe twice already, Barry couldn't shake the feeling that something was "off" about him. While the rest of Team Flash really bought the fact that he wasn't a potential threat, the Scarlet Speedster wasn't so convinced. But as he tried to put his mind at ease, he heard a buzzing sound in S.T.A.R. Labs. Thinking it was his phone at first, he soon figured out that it was coming from the Samuroid's head.

Unnerved, Barry ripped the face off the android's head and discovered a mini-camera. This was the last straw for the somewhat paranoid superhero and, out of fear and desperation, he made his way to DeVoe's house and broke in. But as he rummaged through the professor's belongings, he didn't find anything that would prove he was a supervillain. And although he was nearly caught by Marlize, he managed to escape without being seen. Or so he thought...

4. Barry Is Suspended From CCPD And Issued With A Restraining Order

Marlize slaps Barry after launching a complaint against him. [Credit: The CW]
Marlize slaps Barry after launching a complaint against him. [Credit: The CW]

After breaking into the DeVoe household, Barry found himself confronted by Captain Singh and Marlize DeVoe, who had somehow obtained an image of him breaking into her house. With his hands tied, he had no choice but to remain quiet and accept the consequences of his actions. And as she was comforted by Captain Singh, Marlize turned to Barry and slapped him across the face, warning him to leave her and her husband alone.

Shocked to silence, all Barry could do was stare as she left. But things only got worse for him when Singh ordered him to take two weeks off and consider his future in law enforcement. It really looked like it was becoming impossible for The Flash to prove to everyone that he wasn't being paranoid.

5. DeVoe's Intelligence Comes With A Price

DeVoe is rendered unable to walk because of his intelligence. [Credit: The CW]
DeVoe is rendered unable to walk because of his intelligence. [Credit: The CW]

Back in the flashback arc, things ended up taking a negative turn for the DeVoes. While Clifford was over the moon that he was able to answer every question imaginable (as well as revealing the true identity of Jack The Ripper!), his celebrations were cut short when he collapsed in his wife's arms.

After he found himself unable to walk, he became a mystery to his doctor, who couldn't explain what was happening. But thanks to his intelligence, DeVoe was able to figure out what was wrong with him: His mind was drawing energy away from his body, rendering him paralyzed from the waist down — with complete paralysis due to set in within a year before his death.

But despite the bad news (and the strain on their relationship), Marlize informed him of her plan to create something that will sustain his body for longer. And with that revelation, she used her tablet to show him a design image of a special chair — instantly recognizable to us as The Thinker's chair in the present day.

6. DeVoe Finally Admits Who He Is

Barry confronts DeVoe at the end of the episode. [Credit: The CW]
Barry confronts DeVoe at the end of the episode. [Credit: The CW]

Despite the restraining order, Barry took it upon himself to visit Clifford DeVoe one more time. Dropping into the University, the Scarlet Speedster challenged him to reveal the truth. Giving him exactly what he wanted, DeVoe revealed that he knew Barry was The Flash, but put him at ease as he commented on how underwhelming that secret actually was.

When pressed upon by Barry, the professor told him that he was indeed the fastest mind alive and that none of Team Flash's great minds could outthink him — not even the Council of Wells.

After a whole episode of nobody believing Barry, it was great to see him finally confirm his suspicions. But the most interesting aspect of the final confrontation was the manner in which the hero and the villain freely interacted in such an open and informal environment. There were no costumes or mind games here, and both characters knew that their story had just begun.

7. Marlize Plugs The Thinker Back Into His Chair

Marlize plugs Clifford back into his Thinking chair. [Credit: The CW]
Marlize plugs Clifford back into his Thinking chair. [Credit: The CW]

After a whole episode of playing mind games with Barry Allen, the professor Clifford DeVoe became very weak. And with that, we finally found out how he was still alive for two years longer than the flashbacks anticipated. Marlize informed him that he had been "unplugged" for too long before bringing him back into the blue lab that we had seen the pair in so many times before.

But the most shocking moment came when she lifted her husband's scalp off, exposing his blue glowing brain for us all to see. Seconds later, cables emerged from his levitating chair and latched onto it — giving him his energy back.

As he sported his Thinker outfit once more, Marlize reinforced that her huband's body was deteriorating. But he was confident that it wouldn't stop functioning before he completed his objective. When his wife questioned why he was letting Barry and Iris get married, he revealed that knowledge is nothing without love. And with that, he smiled at Marlize and warmly held her hand.

While this week's installment of The Flash was definitely a departure from this season's bright tone, it ended up being one of the show's strongest outings yet. In a very well-written episode, we finally got to see who Clifford DeVoe really was — and this makes him all the more threatening.

The battle lines have been drawn: The Flash and The Thinker have finally come face-to-face — and the battle between the fastest man alive and the fastest brain alive has only just begun.

Did you enjoy The Flash Season 4, Episode 7 "Therefore I Am..."? Let us know in the comments below!

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