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Justice has a number

So I saw this movie as a kid, early 2000's. I remember it being honestly funny to my childhood mind and I really need to know what the title is. But for some reason I remember the whole plot.

For starters, i'm believing that it was made in the 90's early 2000's, it's either a

Disney Film...


Universal Film

And this is where the plot get's thickened. It's all about a family vacation.

The family man happens to be in love with the Civil War.

One day he is reenacting his favorite battle and reads his hero's journal. Where in the midst of the bloody battle he comes by a tree with a hole and puts his hankey/scarf/bandanna into the tree.

He then proceeds to take his family to the civil war sight with a big RV as there transportation

Which they eventually come to find.


(These may not be in chronological order)

At the beginning of their vacation, Dad, not being the very best driver of the RV backs up into their light post and making a domino effect of the neighbors light posts fall down.

At a hotel/motel in the backwoods, the wife is doing laundry where she meets a man who tags along with them on there vacation. They are doing laundry together when he spots a loose rattlesnake that bites her in the leg.

He being a doctor sucks the venom out. There son JOSH sees this in a misunderstanding and runs to dad and say's...

JOSH: Dad theirs a guy kissing mom's leg.

They clear everything up and talk through out the night, they are a different kind of people who rough it I believe. Dad trying to be cool says he knows the time naturally, he then bangs against a pan and gets the time from a fellow angry camper trying to sleep.

Another time in the mountains the dad and someone else {a veteran} are fishing and Dad goes out too far and goes down. The Veteran sings Taps and the next scene is Dad somehow finding a pizza guy.

Dad: Look what I found guys, PIZZA!

While driving to pass the time, mom starts singing making the whole family sing, while also driving by a tough and rough Biker Gang that drives them off the road and into the road.

So they eventually get out of the mud and Dad is sprayed with mud. We see him showering while the family comes in a small town. He's shampooing his hair when he get's the soap in his eyes. He's blinded, he walks out of the shower, into the RV, out of the RV and into the town!

yes I am serious and don't call me Shirley
yes I am serious and don't call me Shirley

Luckily a cop being the good Samaritan helps him out with giving him clothes that make him look more like a con artist. They catch up way ahead of the families RV and try to wave them down but pass them by.

Don't worry he get's back
Don't worry he get's back

One family dinner night a guy knocks on there door asking if he can use there bathroom after his plumbing breaks down. They let him use their toilet and he makes weird small talk about a common place they've visited. He goes back and forth with the place agitating the dad.

Whose on first?
Whose on first?

The Dad meets up with the Biker gang again, the lead biker had a real bone to pick with him and the only weapon he uses is a plate turning into a Frisbee

In the end

The two kids, JOSH and his older sister go with the doctor and his children on a hike. The Doctor thinking they can survive without their food throws it into the canyon.

That night Josh is setting up camp, Doc tries to help and scares him away. Making him go out into the dark night. He falls down a hill as a log traps his leg.

Mom and Dad come and argue about Doc's decision and punches him. Josh is eventually found by using his fireworks.

One more thing, the Dad happens to have an imaginary friend, his civil war hero, through out the film

As their vacation comes to an end, Dad backs up again and makes another domino effect of falling objects


So yeah if you know what i'm talking about please name the title of the movie it will be a real help. Thank YOU.

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