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We all loved this movie. Admit it. We all did. But, didn't you want...more? Sure, the film was fantastic, and nearly perfect, but we were left wanting more! So, for the post-credits entry, I would like to write a scene depicting No Country For Old Men.

Tommy Lee Jones as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell
Tommy Lee Jones as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell

(fades in from black, only to show Ed Tom Bell sitting in the passenger seat of his pickup truck as Loretta (his wife) drives. He looks longingly and silently out the window until they reach a stoplight, where Loretta looks at him as he stares out the window)

Loretta: What'cha thinkin' about, Ed?

Ed: Just a whole bunch of nothin'.

Loretta: And what's that?

Ed: It's not anything special in particular.

Loretta: You're always thinking 'bout somethin'. What is it?

Ed: I've just been wonderin'....why is this world so big?

(a man in a nice suit walks by the car, and Ed eyes him as he passes)

Loretta: Why, it's so people can do a whole lot of things, I s'pose.

Ed: I don't think so.

Loretta: Well, Ed, why do you think the world's so big?

Ed: I think it's big for a lot of reasons.

(a father and his daughter walk on the sidewalk, smiling and holding hands, and Ed watches them as they pass)

Ed: For one, life wouldn't be very fun if everyone just did the same old thing each and every day, and it makes diversity.

Loretta: Well, that's what I said!

Ed: But the way you said it, you made it sound like a big vacation or somethin'. As for me, I think it's big 'n diverse, 'n different 'cuz that makes it easier to get away. If something bad happens to ya, then you can run off, get away, start fresh. You can hide from your sorrow and if you want to make a better life for yourself, you can. It's just that simple, Loretta. It's a new life.

Loretta: Look at you! You sound like a preacher, Ed!

(Ed laughs and looks at Loretta)

Ed: I ain't no preacher, Loretta!

(Looks back to the street, now with an expressionless look on his face)

Ed: I'm just an old man now.

(He looks and he sees Anton walking nearby, with sort of a limp to his step. He is mostly concealed behind cars, but Ed gets a good glimpse or two of him. Ed begins to focus on him, but suddenly a car buzzes past his window, passing the car. Ed looks ahead, only to see Loretta didn't see the green light. The car passing them honks and rides on ahead)

Ed: Loretta!

(Loretta looks up and sees the light)

Loretta: Shoot!

(She drives on ahead, and Ed looks back out the window, scanning for Anton, but he's disappeared completely. Ed's eyes look out the window as Loretta drives)

Loretta: What're ya thinking 'bout now, Ed?

Ed: Just about nothin' again. (He pauses for a moment) Maybe some people don't want to restart. Maybe some people just want to get away.

Loretta: Pardon?

Ed: I said maybe some people just want to get away. Maybe they just want to wash their hands when they're all dirtied up, but they don't want to stop making the mess

(Loretta gives Ed a quizzical look, and smiles as she shakes her head. Ed smiles back)

Ed: It's just a thought, dear.

Loretta: What made you think of that?

Ed: Just my imagination.

Loretta: Well only God knows why you imagine those sorts of things.

Ed: Only God and me, Loretta.

(fades to black)

Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh

So, there ya go.


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