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One of my new years resolutions was to create a Blog and post once a week every Friday. I say it was a "resolution" but it was more coincidence as I started on Friday 30th December 2016 and it fell into place. That blog was entirely about resolutions and what I was planning on doing and my thoughts on this. But to cut the story short, like most resolutions I didn't continue on at all.

Mainly because it was another blogging site that you may have to google "subtle hint" and also because I couldn't be arsed. One of the main demotivators for me is setting out to do something by a deadline, and then missing that deadline. That is just failing yourself, and as you may know "you are your worst critic". The thing about that though was that I didn't fail to write more, as I wrote two blogs on the same day ready for release on the following two Friday's 6th and 13th of Jan 2017. For whatever reason I didn't spell check them or release them, and I couldn't bring myself to face it in a way.

But to be fair nobody reads them as the site isn't that good yet my content was awesome. I mean look at that, you're reading it now so it must be good. "except for my grammar that is appalling yet I'm trying my best, and also my spelling is god awful too"

So, why am I here. Earlier today my friend James told me that he blogs on here. I can't remember what his thing is called, but he loves films and has one of the worst film tastes in history. I think there was an article on that too. I asked him what his user name was and he said "This bender called James". So back to the point he sent me a message saying I should blog on here, gave me a few suggestions of what to do such as review films, music or TV shows.

Now I think that is a brilliant Idea, but the problem that I have is is that I'm not that current when it comes to anything really. Me talking about Mr.Robot, The Man in the High Castle or even Californication wouldn't really make an impact as where I am with them is far behind compared to where other bloggers are. Especially Californication as that finished about 3 years ago.

When it comes to music it'll be the same situation, I like what I like and its usually been out for a few months/years at this point "or is a soundtrack". But, this site may need a Heavy Metal reviewer. By heavy I mean heavy like 1349, six feet under, Behemoth or even Absolution "the last one isn't my own band, ahem". Yes I know to most of you they sound the same, but trust me they are quite different.

So to get to the bottom line of all of this ramble, what is it I'm going to write about? At the moment, I don't even know. I did do a Daily Vlog for a while that went well you can check it out on YouTube by searching "Willsvlog". Yet years before then I did do a daily Blog which was basically the same thing.

With this Blog however I'm just going to talk about things, ramble a little, get whats on my mind onto paper and out to you. It may also be therapeutic as most over-thinkers may agree. Writing and letting things out to an audience that maybe out there somewhere is better than keeping it inside, especially when you spent quite allot of time thinking "nobody listens". But you never know somebody may relate to some of the topics that I talk about. Or just think that I'm a dickhead, either way something peeked your interest if you keep/kept reading.

(just quickly yes people do listen just its a pain in the arse when you say something and then its obviously ignored. Yet the thing that pisses me off the most is going for a shower and then someone puts on the fucking dish washer and/or washing machine)

I'm also a writer, I'm attempting to write short stories, novels, screenplays you know generally waste time. But I think that this medium is perfect for advertising those projects. If I upload/post the first chapter of something to this site and people want more, then maybe I'm onto something. Find an audience where you can, and maybe this is the place.

3 days later...

I would firstly like to state that I have gone away from this and came back to edit the spelling and phrasing of this blog, also its topic and to see if its interesting to me... I may be bias and yes in fact I did find it interesting.

I am going to end this Blog now, but would firstly like to thank you the reader for giving me some of yours time and listening. I will be back soon with more about me I think, none of this is planned and its how I like it at times, but I do have a plan for the next Blog. It'll be an introduction to me properly, a more formal introduction. I've heard he best way to understand a writer and get to know them is to read their work, their signature their trademarks. You may of already found things out about me from what I have written so far, but next time thought I'll dedicate a blog about myself and what I do...

I hope that doesn't sound too much like I look in the mirror whilst I masturbate.

Thanks for reading.


PS. I'm the drummer in the above picture, I chose that as I thought I looked really good and it was from a gig I played last week "Thursday 19th Jan 2017"

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