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If you watched Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith sometime between 2005—now, and thought; “This movie is great, but it’d be even better with entertaining dialogue.” Then boy, is this the special edition for you.

Quick side note. Some of my favourite excerpts;

“Everybody is good.”

“The Presbyterian Church, like, enjoys you not.”

“Smelly boy.”

"Do you f#@k on I."

Presumably, this Chinese bootleg version has been around for a-time now, however it’s only been getting traction over the last couple of years, more recently, days on social media.

There’s a few full versions out there on the world-wide-web, which I could link. Or, you could just take my word for it.

Real talk though, favourite quote from this dub?

For me, nothing beats "R2, do you is f#@cking?"

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