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Marvel has just released a short video expressing a couple of new features Spidey has to play with, come July. Although there are a few upgrades mentioned in the video, there’s only one of note that we weren’t already aware of, in relation to the web shooters. That upgrade being, “Selectable web types.”

Just what those webs are, we’ll have to wait and see. However, a thought just occurred to me. How would you guys feel about trick webbing?

Kind of like Hawkeye’s trick arrows, but you know…stickier. Maybe there could be an electrified web, maybe a solid rubber bullet-esque projectile, that kind of thing. It’s probably not going to happen, but it’d be a bit of fun.

I always cut the Sam Rami Spider-Man movies a little bit of slack on the topic of webbing variation. Since Maguire's webs were organic, I guess he could produce whatever type of web he need in the moment. Nevertheless, I’m glad that we’re getting a logical and tangible explanation of Peter’s ability for Homecoming.

What do you guys think about Spidey’s upgrades, and how do you feel about a trick webbing proposal?

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