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Peter Pan is an incredible Disney classic that is about three siblings who are visited by a young, free-spirited boy named Peter Pan who lives in a place called Neverland, where nobody ages.

That story should be familiar to you by now, as it's been told from a few different points of view now. There have been countless animated versions, but there have only been a few live-action versions: Hook (1991) starring the late Robin Williams, Pan (2015) starring Hugh Jackman, and the lesser-known Peter Pan (2003). Obviously, all of these films are about Peter Pan, but maybe it's time for a new twist on the story!

Now, since most of Disney's new live-action remakes are darker and grittier than their original animated forms, what if this movie was more about what Neverland was like before the Darling siblings came along? This new story could feature great battles like Peter Pan and The Lost Boys vs. Captain Hook and his pirate crew, maybe even featuring Peter cutting off Hook's hand and feeding it to the crocodile! There is so much that could come of stories like that! And with great stories, we need a great cast. I feel that we should cast this appropriately and use some actors/actresses that would take their roles seriously, while still making the movie fun for the viewers! So let's get started!

Captain Hook — Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddelston, is quite possibly the best actor for this role. He can be menacing, cunning, and sadistic all at same time and even when he is — you can't help but like him! Besides, Hiddleston currently works with Disney anyways (when it comes to Marvel movies), so he already knows what he'd be getting into. If he combined the classy, mysteriousness of his Crimson Peak character, Thomas Sharpe, with the charming evil of Marvel's Loki, he would be an absolutely commanding presence onscreen as Captain Hook. Plus, he's already done the voice for Captain Hook in The Pirate Fairy, so he's already got one foot in the door!

Mr. Smee — Kevin McNally

Kevin McNally is widely known as Gibbs from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. In those movies, he plays the first mate to Captain Jack Sparrow (portrayed by Johnny Depp), captain of The Black Pearl. Now, Gibbs is constantly dealing with Jack Sparrow and keeping him in line, and it'd be great to see Mr. Smee have that type of relationship with Captain Hook. McNally has always been a lovable, fan-favorite character in Pirates of the Caribbean, so why not keep it going in yet another Disney movie?

Peter Pan — Gaten Matarazzo

Gaten Matarazzo is pretty new to the game, but his performance in Netflix's Stranger Things makes up for that. Stranger Things is a pretty dark show that deals with, well, stranger things. Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, was such an amazing part of this dark '80s-inspired show. His character, even though he went through some crappy things, was still a great source of happiness and comedic relief, and we need that in Peter Pan! Gaten Matarazzo is a very talented young man that could blow us away as the leader of The Lost Boys.

Tinker Bell — Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon, as you may know, has already been cast as Tinker Bell, which is perfect. Witherspoon has such a fun presence onscreen that nearly nobody else can achieve. Nobody truly knows what movie she'll be playing her in or when she'll be doing it, so it might as well be in this, right?

Peter's Shadow — Tom Holland

I'll be honest, there really isn't a need to cast anyone specific when it comes to this role. Why not, though? It could be CGI, it could be some random stunt man in a motion capture suit, but why not Spider-Man himself in a motion capture suit? Tom Holland is great at flips, tricks, and everything that I can't do physically. Need some examples? Let me show you.

Imagine Peter Pan's shadow running around being mischievous while doing all of those amazing tricks. I know, awesome. Bonus Reason: This dancing!

Just imagine all of these amazing people on screen together portraying the residents of Neverland. Peter Pan has such a rich backstory that would a theatrical treat. While there's no word about this yet, we can still dream!

Watch Tink mix it up with The Lost Boys in this clip from the animated Peter Pan movie we all know and love:

What do you think of these casting choices? Who would you cast? Let me know!

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