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I just have a theroy about the new batman Vs superman movie

Hi I'm new to this but I recently read an article on here saying batman may be at the end of his life in the upcoming batman Vs superman movie now when I hear that I hear a set up for a possible batman beyond movie and if you've seen the show then you know that batman had a armored batsuit made to increase his strength but it puts to much strain on his heart and as we all saw in the preview for batman Vs superman he is wearing a armored batsuit as well now normally people would think oh a kryptonion Vs the world's greatest detective now what would he need a kryptonite powered suit (a lex luthor original everybody) but what is its not that what if it really is the armored batsuit from when batman was dying in batman beyond then hopefully we will see Terry pop up for a cameo. Now this is strictly my theroy have a nice day

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