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I re-watched the entire cap'n america trilogy today , and I was surprised to find a couple of STAR WARS references in Winter Soldier and Civil War , Even though some were pretty revealing and obvious and not exactly an Easter egg , I thought i'd point it out for the ones who missed it.

The Return of Mace Windu

Now all of us know that Samuel L Jackson played Mace Windu , a Jedi Master in the Star Wars Prequels , The Russo brothers gave him the perfect Easter egg in Winter Soldier. In Winter Soldier , there is this scene where Nick Fury's car is tumbled down by Barnes. Nick fury makes an escape using his laser knife or whatever. I know that most of you don't watch videos while reading , so I took the liberty of taking a screenshot.

If you don't believe me, The Russo brothers themselves agreed that it was an Easter egg in a Screen Junkies interview.(they talk about it in 4:50)

Spider:man " Empire Strikes Back "

As you've seen in homecoming , The MCU's version of Spider man is a big fan of star wars. Even though its not an Easter egg , it's still a really good reference .

No Luke , I am your father !

Even though this isn't confirmed by the Russo Brothers , I think that its pretty clear on what they're trying to do here. Bucky is like Anakin Skywalker , He doesn't know about his past self , and Bucky being the Winter Soldier is one of the shocking reveals after Darth Vader.

Memories of the past

Just like when Vader recognises Anakin , Winter Soldier recognises Bucky , but are quickly manipulated by the Emperor and Robert Redford respectively.

The Arm

Arm Restored for the sequels

That's it

Here they are folks , all the star wars references and easter eggs I found .

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