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I have never really been a fan of slasher type horror movies. Though I will admit to liking the classics. For example, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Psycho. However, these aren't really slasher films as much as they are fantasy horror or psychological thrillers.

Halloween and Friday the 13th (mainly the sequels) all have all have a fantasy element to them. Both killers, just won't die. There's something innately frightening about a killer that cannot be killed. A killer that is relentless in it's pursuit of you. Though Psycho doesn't have the fantasy aspect that the Halloween and the Friday movies do, it does have suspense, loads of nail-biting suspense. It's been 54 years since Psycho came out and people still think twice when they take a shower because of it. As a matter of fact, I just posted a photo I took to Facebook about an hour ago that sums up my point about Psycho.

Locking the door is a must.
Locking the door is a must.

So it's rare that a slasher film would be interesting to me. But, there's a been a couple of exceptions. I am thinking of High Tension and Wolf Creek, I am sure there are few more but for the most part they just don't do it for me. There's nothing really scary about about some deranged moron running around with a knife or whatever his tool of choice is.

Movies that I tend to enjoy deal with things that are not so easily dispatched. Aliens, Ghosts and Monsters. These are things that force you to think. You may not think so, but they do. Slasher films, you just have to kill the person. These movies are basically 90 minutes worth of excuses as to why the protagonist can't kill the person until the final minutes of the film. It's not so easy with Ghosts, Monsters and Aliens.

This is what gets me. It's what sucks me into the film. You can't get away because it will follow you anywhere. You don't know how to kill it. You are forced to be creative. It's the key to almost every successful one of these kinds of films.

Now I am not saying all of these kinds of movies are good. In fact, most of them are total crap but at least there's a few good minutes when you're forced to think about it. Sure it's possible you've solved the problem in the first 15 minutes and have to wait for our hero to catch up with you. But, at least there was some thought. You're brain had to work for a couple of minutes. Slasher films, not so much. You know that you have to kill the guy, the end.

Oh and zombies. I will always love a good zombie movie. In fact, I watched a good one with my daughter not too long ago. Maybe "good" is a little much. But, I really have to admit that I enjoyed it. It was her 21st birthday. It's sad, I am just 44 and have a daughter that's about to start her senior year in college. Anyways, she didn't want to go to Vegas so I came up with a better plan. Since we're both horror movie fans I thought we'd drive up to San Jose and I'd take her to see the see the Winchester Mystery House. We'd take the tour and spend a few days catching up on some horror movies in our down time.

Dead Before Dawn - Christopher Lloyd
Dead Before Dawn - Christopher Lloyd

We started a movie, I don't know where it came from, had never heard of it before but it had Christopher Lloyd in it. Dead Before Dawn 3D. It was campy and fun. We loved every minute of it! Granted Lloyd was only it for a few minutes at the beginning and the end of the film but it was a fun movie. It reminded me of classic 80's horror comedy movies. Not enough boobs though. But, can there really ever be enough boobs. I think not.

So we know I like Aliens, Monsters, Ghosts and Zombie movies. What kinda films do you like and why?

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