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I'm a geek in a world of people trying to pretend they aren't.

...Hitler an evil jerk? Sure he was, but if you really look into the causes of the war it went way beyond Hitler. Our ally in that war was Stalin, who was arguably a worse evil than Hitler. The scientists who performed terrible experiments on Jews and POW's were brought back to the US and continued their research on US soldiers, student "volunteers" and anybody else they could coerce into it and which party did that? That was perpetrated by Democrats. Prior to that war, the 1st World War was fought over even less cause. I'm not saying that the Democrats are worse than the Republicans All Political parties are bad. Capitalism is bad, Socialism is bad It's ALL bad and I won't try to pretend I know the solution but when it comes down to it, we are ALL to blame. Let's stop trying to pin blame on this group or that group. Let's work together for real solutions to our world problems.

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