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New York Times bestselling author is a prolific writer of well over 50 novels and has a devoted fanbase of her paranormal romance readers. Several of her novels has hit the New York Times Bestselling list, and although she's received offers to bring her books to the television screen, it hasn't materialized as of yet. Her "Shadow" series could change all that.

The synopsis of the series alone is enough to spark interest in fans of the supernatural:

Cloaked in wealth and power, the Ferraro family hide their true secrets behind rumors they're part of organized crime. They are part of an elite team of assassins called Shadow Riders with an unusual ability to harness shadows as a way to travel and carry out justice.

The cinematic trailer for the second book in the series, Shadow Reaper, only adds to fans' desire to know more about this family — and shows viewers how seamlessly this series would flow onto our televisions screens:

The "Shadow" series combines action, fantasy, romance, and the supernatural. And with many of our supernatural shows leaving the air (, and ), we need some edgier realms to delve into. Here's a different cut of the trailer, focusing more on the action:

Feehan is open about wanting to bring her books to life on the big screen, but she knows a lot of things need to fall into place to make sure that happens the right way. Along with the right approach to the storyline, Feehan knows the importance of the perfect director for any project, telling Movie Pilot:

I’ve been approached many times over the years from production companies or producers interested in optioning one of my books. To date, the right offer hasn’t come along. I’ve seen books-to-movies or books-to-TV series done extremely well, but I’ve also seen many that didn’t follow the book or were just poorly done. It would make any author hesitate before optioning a beloved book, let alone an entire series of books.

I admit that I’d love to see one of my books or series come to life on the big screen or get picked up for a TV series. But, I’d want that perfect storm of the right actors, the right screenplay and, of course, the right director.

Here are five of my top picks for directors if I could choose.

1. Michael Mann — Specifically I love of the incredible beauty of his storytelling in the 1992 Last of the Mohicans.

2. Kevin Costner — There’s so much action going on [in Dances with Wolves], but you never lose sight of the love story. I think Costner is incredible on many levels and would love to see him tackle my Shadow Series.

3. Len Wiseman — [He] directed , which I think is hauntingly beautiful with amazing special effects and a keen sense of a paranormal world.

4. Guy Ritchie — Sherlock Holmes. Do I need to say more? Ritchie’s style is both unique and beautiful. He has an amazing sense of timing for action, romance and even humor.

5. Chad Stahelski — Though he’s best known for stunts, Stahelski directed , a movie I could watch over and over again. I write a lot of action and I think Stahleski would bring that out and add his own, personal flare to it.

With all of the reboots that are taking place, fresh ideas seem to be in short supply — but strong, engrossing, original series are exactly what audiences want. With the edge of darkness, the hint of romance and the element of danger, perhaps someday Christine Feehan's legions of fans will see the adaptation they've been hoping for.

Are you a Christine Feehan fan? Which of her books would you most want to see as a film or TV series?

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