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This half of the episode 6 analysis focuses on the Arya / Sansa grudge, and Littlefinger's plan for using it.

Beyond the wall Jon, Jorah, Tormund, Gendry, Beric, the hound, and some random joe blows that will surely die, have set out on the fool hardy, asinine, hopeless mission to bag n tag one of the undead minions of the Night King, and drag it allllllllllllllllllllllll the way back to Queen Cersei, simply to convince her to send her troops to the wall and convince everyone else to do the same. Yaah, fat chance of that happening.

Cersei just got done paying for a brand spanking new army in the form of the Golden Company, which cost her more than a pretty penny. She is not about to relent in her effort to wipe out all her enemies including not only Dany, but Jon & Sansa as well. In fact she already sees this as a golden opportunity to turn the war around in her favor, by getting in close with Dany’s forces, feigning an alliance, and then backstabbing at the very 1st chance. Tyrion should be wise enough to see this coming as he talks with Dany about Cersei laying traps. Dany is wary & restless due to the high risk her men have undertaken. So it is hard for her to listen to Tyrion when he talks about logic,timing, and patience. In fact patience seems to be one of the biggest differences between her and him. Waiting makes her anxious and paranoid, and all this talk of who should inherit her kingdom after her, is making Dany’s anxiety worse.

Tyrion tries to reassure her that when they parlay with Cersei in KL, that she will have 2 armies and 3 dragons guarding her. Still, I wouldn’t put it past Cersei to find a way to wipe them all out in one fell swoop, as she did at the great Sept of Baelor. I think us viewers are all dreading that moment, knowing that Cersei will have something up her sleeve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the show were to swerve us and prevent that meeting from ever happening, Especially now that Brienne might very well be arriving in King’s Landing very soon.

Now, Sansa is facing serious pressure from nearly everyone around her, but especially Arya, who is becoming more and more judgmental and accusatory as of late, so much that one might wonder if all this face changing magic and murder has gone to her head. Arya was remembering Sansa for the way she was back when they were last together in season 1; when Sansa was selfish and misguided. Arya fiercely accuses Sansa of betraying their family and doing nothing to save their father. Sansa returns the very same accusation on Arya but it doesn’t do much. Arya knows Sansa is deathly afraid of having the letter revealed to the northern lords, and uses it to keep Sansa in check. Arya might very well be testing Sansa to see how she will respond and if she goes running to LF then Arya would know he has her caught, but it seemed like that was not the case, and instead LF approaches Sansa.

LF continues his game of whispers, suggesting here and there for Sansa to make a move and this time he has effectively put her in a corner where she must do something drastic and he has even shows her the path by hinting that as long as Brienne is near, Arya can do you no harm. However,by removing Brienne the sisters are free to take their feud as far as they want and as far as LF hopes, after all LF thrives on chaos.

the Sister Slayer

In my previous article I detailed how LF manipulated Arya into a sibling rivalry with Sansa so that he could lead Sansa away from her comfort zone in the north( where LF holds no power), and into his pocket. So, with suggestions from LF, it seems that Sansa has deceived Brienne, intentionally to lead her away so that Sansa can make a move against Arya. But what will that move be? LF knows Sansa would never go so far as to hurt Arya, but would the same be true if Arya was pushed too far? I doubt either one of the sisters would intentionally kill each other, but stranger things have happened.

"Where for art thou sweet, Tormund?"
"Where for art thou sweet, Tormund?"

Anyhow, now that Brienne (& Pod assumedly) will be in King’s Landing, I’m sure Jaime will convey to her that a temporary truce is in effect with Dany’s forces until the threat beyond the wall has been removed.

I’m very pleased with this as it will bring Brienne into a situation that potentially allows her to convince Jaime to remove Cersei from power, should she not cooperate in the effort to save the realm from the undead army.

However, it’s going to take quite a bit of convincing to get Jaime to betray his sister especially after the reveal last episode in regards to their forthcoming child.

However, in the off chance that Cersei really did summon Sansa to KL, I believe that was done simply to lead us viewers to wonder if the confrontation between Sansa and Arya was going to get violent, which it did not, however, I’m sure there is more to come. I’m not impressed by this plot as it is supposed to be a LF strategy to get Sansa away from Brienne & her family, but at the same time , it allows for Arya to potentially kill Sansa which one would think is the exact opposite of what LF wants.

Deciphering Little Finger's Game

However, after seeing Arya out perform Brienne, LF looked at Arya like he had found a far better apprentice. Perhaps LF takes a page out of Emperor Palpatine’s play book and dumps his former apprentice for a new younger, stronger one. I believe LF sees Arya as being more ambitious, and impressionable.

I think he knows he can use her desire for revenge to manipulate her much more easily than Sansa, whom he must be utterly frustrated with, not being able to budge her. She is too privy to his game and bitter towards him from the way he used her like someone from his brothels. It's no wonder she isn't susceptible to his proposal of taking the iron throne for themselves. Arya however, is like a needle that just needs to be pointed in the right direction. He need not ask her any favors, she probably wouldn't even know she's doing exactly what he wants with a few murders here and couple over there; maybe 1 really big one in particular.

Brienne gave one final warning to Sansa about trusting LF and I think that is very telling. Remember what Ned Stark said to Arya way back when? He said "Try not to stab you sister." Was he channeling Bran by greenseeing into the future? I doubt it but it is ironic and good foreshadowing.

The amount of shock from viewers if Arya and LF betrayed his precious Sansa, would be pretty huge, however, one has to ask themselves: Would Littlefinger allow Sansa to be murdered if it meant gaining the crown for himself? Arya did hint at wearing Sansa’s face, and we have reason to believe a certain someone in KL is expecting Sansa, and that very same some one is at the top of a girl's list.

"You're not Sansa,who are you? " "Who am I? No one."
"You're not Sansa,who are you? " "Who am I? No one."

Having said all that, there is a big chance that the show was merely teasing a murder and having that out of the way Arya may very well look to turn the tables on Littlefinger, based on the scheming she over heard him doing with Tywin at Harrenhal back in season 2.

Meanwhile, seemingly half a hundred thousand miles away…Jon Snow will be knee deep in romance with his Auntie Daenerys.

All of this while Theon is off gallivanting, Euron berates Yara, Meera cries herself to sleep, Bran surfs the weirwood net, and Sam rides with pivotal information toward Winterfell, where he thinks Jon will be anxiously awaiting him. What pivotal info you ask, well if you read my last review you would know about the discovery of Jon’s parentage and thus royal inheritance, but besides that personal info for Jon, Sam has some scrolls regarding the Long Night, the WWs, dragon glass etc.. They should prove very very useful. I also look forward to Sam meeting back up with Bran who he should be eager to pick his brain. Perhaps Sam can extract some sense from the broken boy, or perhaps Bran will take Sam on a trip back in time.

After all, stranger things have happened.

Join me next time when I detail the epic battle on ice lake the budding romance, and all the chilling aftermath of the confrontation between Frost Zombies, White Walkers, and fire breathing Dragons OH my !

Check back on my profile page in a few days for my overall opinion of episode 6 and more screen captures, memes, and Gifs. HotDang!

Thanks for reading. As always feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, questions and more in the comments, or email me personally: [email protected] and remember...always keep an eye on Littlefinger.

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