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...l villain. First I highly doubt we will see Spider-man reveal his identity due this being some some sort of reboot for him. Now if they had kept Andrew Garfield (which would have been easy to do) then I can see that happening. Second if we want Tony going full villain their best option would be Iron Man extremist 2.0. Tony desires to end the war quickly however since Thor won't be cloned he will upgrade himself lose his mind and become more powerful than Ultron. Personally I would rather the master's of evil storyline. Zemo strikes is defeated along with the destruction of a city causing civil war among the heroes. While the heroes fight zemo builds a team bringing back the abomination and and Justin hammer while introducing new villains. Zemo strikes when the heroes are at their weakest. The heroes unite to defeat zemo. Although I don't see why Extremist 2.0 and masters of evil can't be put together. Course to make this work the movie would need to be about 3 hours.

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