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I want all geek things to succeed... Whether I like them or not. Competition breeds success. And the more geek things succeed... The more ch

... Zod to follow him in Supes 2. Had he been smart, knowing Superman cared so much, he wouldve continued to kill and destroy to further his dominance of Earth and its people. Forcing Superman to CLEARLY run away for good... or come back and die. Dunno about you.. but as much as I enjoy Superman 2, Im tired of people using that as the benchmark for whaf Superman shouldve done in Man of Steel. Like it or not, its a much more reasonable and logical result to the situation. What I find even more amusing, is that the so many of the same people that cry foul on MoS for the wanton destruction and that Superman didnt do more to contain the collateral damage, and use Superman 2 as their bar of comparison.... so many of them also complained about Spuerman killing Zod in MoS but ignore that he murdered Zod in Superman 2. When frankly, that was actually more cold blooded, as when Reeves Superman killed Zod, he was rendered a mere mortal and was no longer a threat. LOL

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