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Spoilers for episode 2 of Sherlock season 4, The Lying Detective - please don't continue reading unless you want to be spoiled.

Ever since the three traditional word clues were dropped at Comic Con the internet has been speculating. The words, Thatcher, Smith and Sherrinford were the offerings from Moffatt and Gatiss and they’ve been driving the Sherlock fandom crazy ever since.

Clues were dropped in the previous season that there was a missing Holmes sibling and the fact that Sherrinford has been the official fanon third Holmes brother for years has been getting the fandom excited.

Tom Hiddleston had been the number one fan contender for the role, and it didn’t help the rumour mill that Hiddles was pictured with Mark Gatiss, despite the rumour was repeatedly denied by Moffat, Gatiss and Hiddleston fans still held onto the hope.

I personally never believed that particular scenario was going to play out, Hiddleston having a very busy movie filming schedule and the Taylor Swift romance tour keeping him busy a lot last year. I was expecting some form of Sherrinford though, whether that be a place, an institution or a code name for someone.

What neither I, nor I think anyone else was expecting was Eurus/Euros - no one can decide the spelling at the moment. She was a complete wildcard, and normally I can spot a prosthetic or someone in a wig a mile off so I’m really impressed Gatiss and Moffat managed to pull the wool over my eyes.

Perhaps it was because the actress playing the character, Sian Brooke, is a relative unknown that helped her hide in plain site, but I think she deserves a rather large pat on the back for managing to make almost the entire Sherlock fandom explode with bafflement. Seriously, this actress will be one to watch in the coming years after this role.

The missing third Holmes now indeed revealed not to be a brother, but a sister. Speculation is still rife throughout the web, could there be a fourth sibling?

Since we now know about Eurus/Euros, the unanswered question still remains, however, who or what is Sherrinford? Is it a mental institution? Did their sister commit a terrible crime and end up there? How does she tie with Moriarty? Does she want revenge on her brothers? Is Sherrinford her married name? Is it her code name? There were several hints in the episode to twins, the 13th being significant, could it be that Sherlock and Eurus/Euros are twins?

Twitter, reddit, and Tumblr are all currently scrambling over these questions. The trailer for next weeks episode did spoil the ending of this weeks somewhat, confirming that John was not shot in the face.

Perhaps the biggest question of all is, how did Sherlock not recognise his own sister when she was that close up? Either they’ve been absent for a long time, or he’d done enough heroin to make an elephant keel over.

Next week's episode The Final Problem could very well be the finale ever episode of Sherlock, if Moffat and Gatiss are to be believed. It's been a hell of a ride the past 7 years, but at least we know that Moriarty is definitely dead, he did shoot himself in the face, very hard to come back from that sort of thing.

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