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Dragon Ball Super Episode 72, featured a magnificent battle between The Hitman Hit and Saiyan God Goku! In episode 71, Hit literally killed Goku using his one shot killer technique; even though Goku is dumb in general sense, but when it comes to fighting he is Super Smart. When Goku realized he couldn't dodge Hit’s attack he released a controlled Energy Blast in the sky, so it would fall back on him to wear off the shock.


When Goku realized he couldn't dodge Hit’s attack he released an Energy Blast in the sky in a controlled manner, so it would fall back on him to wear off the shock. In the meantime, Piccolo’s healing CPR which was also used to help Gohan recover in Golden Frieza arc assisted Goku. Many fans think that the Ki Blast thing was a bit illogical, but I found it quite acceptable. Because Goku intended the blast to fall back, and we have seen these fighters do have control over their ki blast as they can change directions. Even Krillin could control his Kamehameha or Destructo Disk. So, as confirmed by Piccolo Goku did plan all this out he released the energy blast in a way so it would hit him back. We have seen some connection with Ki and Energy, like Goku, helped Frieza with his Ki then probably on the Cooler movie Goku healed a Bird with his ki. Overall I liked the way Goku bounced back to life.

Anyways, back to Hit vs. Goku. These two episodes showed us just how legendary and awesome Hit is, and hinted a long lasting rivalry between them. In fact, Hit seems to be the first legit rival of Goku after Vegeta.

Most of Hit’s techniques are unbelievable, totally next level stuff. Even a God of Destruction-Champa was getting amazed at his feats and had a hard time understanding it. Vados goes on to explain, how Hit skips time and creates a parallel world, a separate place and move to and from there! Furthermore, in the fight we see more amazing stuff from Hit like his Ki blasts are invisible. Also, being a Hitman he has great control over his energy and presence. He is easily able to become undetectable and can create fake positions of himself. That is why when Goku was punching it had no impact; it’s like he wasn’t even there. Guys, this type of technique is amazing. I would bet you if Hit were a DC or Marvel character many of their fans would argue because of this kind of abilities Goku would never be able to keep up with him. This is why I enjoyed Episode 71 and 72. On the one hand, they showed just how superior Hit is regarding strength and technique compared to what we have seen till now, but it didn’t forget to show just how much of a prodigy Goku is in terms of Martial Arts or fighting intelligence. Hit is a legendary assassin, who never fails to kill someone with a single shot, and no mortals can figure out his mysterious attacks, but Goku in a short span of time not only figured out most of his moves but also learned and used it against him. Goku figured out ways to dodge or defend invisible ki blasts and then also attempted such invisible moves on Hit. He figured out the flaws in Hit’s time skipping and was able to scratch him. This fight had a perfect balance between action and brainy strategies, and I really enjoyed that. Both of them love to fight, and Hit is equally happy to be able to fight a warrior like Goku. Vados said

That is, impressed by Goku's counter Hit abandoned his mission, and started concentrating on the fight.

At the end of the struggle, Hit’s time stopping game was so strong it took a visual form trapping Goku; but in an astonishing turn of events, Goku was able to break through it much to Hit’s surprise. However, it took a lot of energy out from Goku, and we can only conclude the match ended in a draw after being interfered by the Gods. Many fans were commenting that Goku won, but that’s clearly not the case as both the fighters were down. Also, both of them had a lot left in them. So, this is one fight that we will probably get to see conclude in the Universal Tournament. Whatever happened if you are a Dragon Ball fan you must have loved how Goku and Hit were smiling just because they got a perfect match.

Of course, about the mystery breaking part, it was indeed quite surprising. From earlier spoilers, we knew Vados had direct involvement in hiring Hiting but the true client was yet to be revealed. We predicted that Whis is the one who hired Hit as a part of Goku’s training. Well, we were partly correct. As it turns out, Goku is the one who requested Whis to arrange a fight with Hit. Hell Yeah, Goku is the actual client, and he put the hit on himself just because he wants to fight and get stronger. This is why we love Goku, and his character has been portrayed in a perfect way!

In the end, Goku assures Hit that there’s no time limit for this mission. So, Hit might even complete his mission of Killing Goku in the Universal tournament! We won’t have these moments in Manga, and these extra stories from the anime must be hyping up for the next arc! I am completely hyped up to see a complete Goku vs Hit match. Do let us know what you think about this and who will win!

Anyways, overall Episode 72 was quite satisfying. The animation quality in the preview scared a lot of fans, but in the actual episode, they did a lot of fixes. Still, it certainly had many flaws but was good enough for an in between the arc type of episode, and the fans can expect better quality in the next arc.


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