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Preview Summary Of The Next Dragon Ball Super Arc- ' At Goku’s request, the omni-kings’ “Tournament of Power” martial arts tournament between universe now begins!! But this also proves the beginning of universal destruction. What awaits the victors of the tournament, and the vanquished....?! How will these intense team battles between the elites of each universe turn out??? '


Unlike the earlier tournaments of Dragon Ball. This tournament will have Team Battles instead of one on one! Looks like the Tournament will be overseen by The Grand Priest. Since there are so many ultra-powerful characters; Grand Priest might have to be the one to keep things in control. The tournament will, of course, be taking place as per the will of the 2 Omnis!

According to the preview summary, the losing Universes will get fuckin destroyed. It goes without saying so much has never been on stake ever before. We have a lot of interesting things to look forward to like, what will happen with 2 Omni Kings? Will some secret get revealed about The Grand Priest? Or things like an unveiling of 10 new Gods of Destruction and a whole bunch of new fighters.

All that apart, from our perspective the Universe 7 team will have a lot on their shoulders as the fate of the entire Universe now depends on them. Everything that we know off will be defended by this ten man squad!:

Dragon Ball Super- Team Universe 7- Universal Survival Arc
Dragon Ball Super- Team Universe 7- Universal Survival Arc

The tournament fighting format will also be really refreshing; it is hinted that primarily we will have team battles instead of one on one! That is quite logical as one on one would take forever to finish as in total we would have around 120 fighters in the tournament! Unless they go through some form of filtering before even starting the tournament and have only a select few Universes. From the manga scan, it does look like we have all 12 God-kaioshin pairs! Further details will be released in the coming weeks, hopefully.


So, first we have the obvious fighters, none left out. By obvious, I mean the ones who were in the last U6 vs U7 tournament- Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Buu. Well, there was Monaka, but Beerus won’t keep up the act even when the existence of the Universe is at stake obviously. Then, we have Gohan, Android 17 and The Human Z Fighters.

Android 17 is the biggest surprise as he is one character we haven’t seen after the Cell arc. We did see 17 briefly in the Buu arc, but that was a very insignificant appearance. This is going to be a major return, all these years we don’t know what 17 had been doing. Did he train? Can they now increase their power with training? We don’t really know as 18 never trained! So, I am expecting at least 1 episode before the next arc where they explain 17 and his return. The arc will first launch in the Manga and then on the anime, meaning in February. Before that, we will get 4-5 episodes. Episode 73 and 74 will do right by Gohan, and then we can expect an episode of A17. Then maybe 1 or 2 episodes about the other Z fighters, maybe some tease from new Universes too!

Then, Gohan finally huh! Make Gohan Great Again! Right from the beginning of Super along with teasing this tournament they have also teased the return of Gohan, but it just wasn’t happening! Now, just when the fan demand is at its peak Gohan is returning, and he looks all fit, and muscular! This outfit, this look you know is his mystic form look. So, who do you think Gohan trained with is it with Piccolo, Goku or Vegeta! Or do you think Goku arranged Gohan a training session with Whis. Well, maybe under normal circumstances Whis and Beerus wouldn’t train Gohan, but as everything is at stake, they shall try to prepare their team in the best way possible. Maybe even training every single member, who knows! Fans have always argued that fighters like Piccolo and Tien are experienced, talented and are fast learners. Specially, Piccolo at his prime time had even temporarily surpassed Goku and Vegeta after becoming a Super Namek! So, who knows we might even end up getting something so satisfying we didn’t even expect! Like A God Piccolo or even Tien, but it goes without saying if Gohan gets training from Whis he would benefit from it the most. As mentioned by Vegeta earlier on in DBS, Gohan has the highest dormant potential. For Gohan to power up, he might get a new transformation. If it were up to me I would give him something different than Super Saiyan Blue; as I feel that shall remain exclusive to Goku and Vegeta. Like, in the last arc they tweaked it a bit for Trunks and gave him a form that had the Blue aura and was officially named a few days ago as ‘ Super Saiyan Rage, anger or fury ‘!

About the Human Z fighters, I am extremely satisfied to get Krillin, Tien, and Roshi. It’s almost like exactly how I would build the team if I were the story writer! Maybe just maybe I would get Pikkon in place of 17, but then again 17 have chemistry with 18. So, that works too. Actually, that works better.

Now, many fans are pissed off that we won’t be getting Goten and Trunks. Plot wise we need the strongest possible team for U7, and I’ll come back to that later. But, think with a wider perspective. Goku and Vegeta will have the majority of the action and both of them are Saiyans. Then, we have Gohan who is expected to play a Future Trunks like role, and even he is a Saiyan. The last arc was dominated by a Saiyan. So, I honestly think it was a fantastic decision to not take Goten and Trunks. 5 Saiyans in a single team! I don’t know how you guys would feel, but I think that would be boring and repetitive.

Now, we have a lot of variety in the team, Saiyans, Humans, Namekians, Androids also Majin Buu. Also, all three of the human Z fighters have been there since the beginning of the series back from the Dragon Ball days. They do have more fans and are more saleable than Kid Trunks and Goten. So, that’s also one factor that we need to consider. Apart from that, they can add a lot of seriousness the kids otherwise don’t as they have a very chill and fun fighting style. Besides, I personally find Roshi, Tien and Krillin’s fights more satisfying to watch. Tien holding down Imperfect Cell with Tri Beams beats all Goten-Trunks moments combined, for me. Master Roshi always deserved the spotlight. Back in the Dragon Ball days he even defeated Kid Goku, his martial arts moves are top notch. Yamcha and Chiatzuo should have never surpassed him in the first place, so DBS is only giving him the respect he always deserved. About power, Roshi lived for hundreds of years, and he trained all his life maybe he even trained all this time. Besides, Dragon Ball Super clearly tried to establish that at this point in time Roshi is ahead of Yamcha and Chiatzuo as in the Resurrection F arc, against Roshi fought against Frieza’s army while Yamcha and Chiatzuo were left behind because they were not strong enough for the battle. Roshi and Tien fought comfortably against Frieza’s army while Krillin had to be motivated. Further hinting both of them kept training all these years. There’s always has been controversy about who is stronger between Tien and Krillin. There’s no clear answer to that, back in DB days Tien was undoubtedly a level above Krillin, but now we can’t say for sure. Anyways, I think currently Tien would beat Krillin, as Tien kept training while Krillin was busy with his job and family. Clearly, Tien is in a better shape too. Heck! I’ll just divide these fighters into different levels with multiple fighters being on each level!

Level 1 is, of course, Goku and Vegeta

Level 2- Piccolo, Gohan and Majin Buu

Level 3- Android 17 and 18

Level 4- Krillin, Tien and Roshi

However, back to Goten and Trunks. Even though Human Z Fighters might have been the perfect choice as they would bring variety to the team, and would be more refreshing to watch. Still, plot wise how do you explain not taking the most powerful ones?

Well, the first obvious guess is there could be an age limit, and this could truly be the case. If not maybe it’s because of the team battle rules, and since others have more knowledge and experience perhaps they can do better or maybe Whis and Beerus denied picking Kids. The thing is Z fighters was the right choice, but now they must show a logical reason within the plot too! Counting on Toriyama and company to do something acceptable with that!

Nothing much about Buu though, surely it's fun to watch him fight, but I don't think fans have any real expectations from him at this moment. He can give us some really wacky moments, like maybe turning some God into a candy! Maybe he will become a bit more significant to the plot if Super decides to introduce UUB, so let's see!!

Well, that’s about all for the U7 tournament of power squad.

Comment your opinion, theories and predictions down below!


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