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Recently some spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Episode 74-77 got revealed. Things are about to get really intense as Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 will mark the beginning of the ‘ Universal Survival ‘ arc. If you don’t already know what the next arc is going to be about, here’s the preview summary-

“ At Goku’s request, the Omni-kings’ “Tournament of Power” martial arts tournament between Universe now begins!! But this also proves the beginning of universal destruction. What awaits the victors of the tournament, and the vanquished....?! How will these intense team battles between the elites of each universe turn out??? “ ( Click here to watch my video about Universe 7 Team )


Episode 73 and 74 is going to center around that Saiyyaman, Barry Karn, and Pan thingy. Even though we got the preview summary of episode 74 a few days ago, this adds some new information.

Preview Summaries of Episode 74 to 77:

Preview Dragon Ball Super Episode 74- “ For The Sake Of Those He Loves! The Indomitable Great Saiyyaman “ ( Airing Date- January 15th )

Gohan’s superhero identity “ Great Saiyyaman “ is being made into a movie. Gohan is hired as the stunt double of Barry Karn., the mean-spirited star playing Great Saiyyaman. While Gohan struggles with the film, the parasitic alien Watagash is up to no good on Earth. Watagash is lured by the darkness in people’s heart and infects them; the eviler they are, the more he increases their power.

The Mental Parasite Watagash was captured by Jaco, but he managed to escape. Barry Karn is jealous of Gohan and wants to harm him, surely he has evil intentions, so Watagash will be able to give him some superhuman abilities. I am not a huge fan of the Saiyyaman idea, so I am not particularly excited for 73 and 74, but Episode 74 will involve Pan as she will get in trouble and most likely deal with it by herself. In Episode 43, Pan returned to her home from outer space all by herself. I enjoyed that segment. So, yeah I am interested to see what they do with Pan in Episode 74 and also later in the series. Because if Dragon Ball Super surpasses the original ending of DBZ, which is very likely to happen, characters like Pan and Bulla might become significant.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75- No Title (Airing Date- January 22nd)

Preview Summary- Goku is bored without a training partner, so Chi Chi calls Gohan, who turns into Great Saiyyaman and takes Goku on, but...

Goku and Saiyyaman Training- Dragon Ball Super Episode 75
Goku and Saiyyaman Training- Dragon Ball Super Episode 75

So, as we are getting closer to the Universal Arc, that is the tournament of power; We are going to see the fighters of team Universe 7 do some training. Chi Chi calling Gohan to train with Goku, well that’s unusual; maybe Goku will go through some serious depression level bored or something, but much to my disappointment it sounds like it’s not going to be a serious Goku-Gohan training session. As Gohan will go Saiyyaman, I don’t know how I will feel seeing Gohan go Saiyyaman for back to back three episodes. I think we are getting too much slice of life, funny episodes we need some more seriousness here and there. Then again, they are listening to the fans as Gohan is finally getting some attention, one way or the other. Let’s just hope for the best, and that Gohan will get an enormous power up in the next arc.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 76- No Title ( Airing Date- January 29th )

Preview Summary- Krillin is picked next as the bored Goku’s training partner. He suggests they should train together like the old times under Master Roshi. As part of their training, Master Roshi orders them to go to get the “ Paradise Grass “ herb from a forest. In the forest, they find Frieza, Majin Buu, Cell, and other old foes Goku and company have fought.

Goku and Krillin Training
Goku and Krillin Training

Now, this is one episode preview that got me all pumped up, and I bet the fans will love this one. First of all, Goku and Krillin getting training from Roshi; OMG! That’s really my type of episode. Krillin is in the Universe 7 team for the upcoming tournament. So, I think it’ll be great to see how he’s doing right now. In the resurrection F arc, we saw that Krillin is very low on confidence however he did quite well after being motivated by The Turtle Hermit. I love to see Krillin in action; I loved the DBS episode where Krillin asked Goku to punch him, the scenes back from the Dragon Ball days of Kid Goku and Krillin training gives me fangasm. So, Roshi sends them on a mission to get Paradise Grass. The type of things he used to make them do back in the days. It’s really interesting to see; Roshi still has something in store for God Goku! So, looks like they are going to have some illusion where they will fight Frieza, Cell, Buu and some other enemies from the past. This segment is certainly going to be entertaining, fan service to some extent. So who else will be there? I wonder if they will have villains that were featured in the movies too Cooler, Turles, Broly, but I don’t think they will show non-canon characters, but since they are paying tribute to Dragon Ball there might be King Piccolo or Tao who knows! It’s an illusion so I bet strength wouldn’t be a factor rather it will be how Goku imagines it. On our ‘ Dragon Ball Fanverse ‘ page, a fan commented that Whis might have arranged this entire thing as a part of Goku’s training. Well, Whis did hire Hit on Goku’s request to help him prepare for the tournament, so I wouldn’t totally eliminate that possibility, but I think it’s a Roshi classic segment.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77- No title ( Airing Date- February 5th )

When Goku goes to Bulma’s house to train with Whis, he finds her belly has gotten big and learns she is pregnant with her second child. What’s more, she’ll be giving birth soon, and Vegeta is so nervous he can’t calm down.

Bulma’s house for Whis, because Bulma can summon Whis using Delicious Foods! So, Finally, finally, Bulma is pregnant with her second child! All the fans have been wondering when Bra or Bulla will be born. So, we are getting her now, and she’ll be born very soon. As Bulma has been pregnant for quite a time, and it’s only noticeable now. So, Bulma is pregnant just before the multi-verse tournament, now we don’t know if they will skip a little bit of time before the tournament or even when the competition will be announced, because if you read these spoilers there’s no mention of the tournament yet, but The arc is supposed to start in February. Surely the Manga will be ahead of the anime, so there’s a very good possibility that at the later part of this episode Omni King or Grand Priest will officially declare the tournament, and perhaps also that everything is at stake. Probably this is why Vegeta would get nervous; he has a baby coming and a tournament to prepare for, and not just any tournament but a Survival Tournament. We didn’t see Vegeta react like at all when Trunks was born, but now he genuinely cares a lot more about his family and is also expressive to quite an extent. Also, even though in the last tournament Vegeta was the best performer from Universe 7, Goku stole the spotlight by losing against Hitman Hit, yeah, but that’s the truth. So this might as well be the tournament of Saiyan Prince Domination.

So, Overall what do I think about these episodes? Well, it goes without saying 76 and 77 sounds interesting and fun, but I would be extremely disappointed if they don’t show enough training sessions with the Universe 7 Team members. Like, I think they could drop the fun Saiyyaman stuff of episode 75 and replace it with some actual serious training. Also, before the tournament starts, it would be fantastic if we could get some episodes concentrating on each of the U7 fighters. Like, there should be at least one episode showing the return of Android 17, they can finish the part of 18 and some reunion shit at that exact episode. Then, I think the Z fighters- Tien, Roshi and Krillin should get a serious power up. I am extremely happy that they are in the tournament in place of jokes like Trunks and Goten, but if they just walk in without any power ups or training and just go there for losing the match fast, I don’t see anything to be excited about. Especially, characters like Tien trained all his life and can easily play a stronger role. He is one guy fans want to see dominating. So either because everything is at stake, Whis would want to take all ten fighters of U7 and train them, not necessarily for God ki but usual power ups. Or arrange something else maybe under the Kaishions. Like, maybe the saiyans and Piccolo can train with Whis and Beerus. While the rest of the team trains with Kaioshin. Kaioshin, as we see in the manga scan, is going to be there in the tournament, so that would be an exciting prospect.

I’m just afraid, that they might just start the tournament without too much training. If that’s the case, I think my rating will lose 2 points instantly for the arc. Don’t just take all these Z fighters only to mock them as weaklings again. I also have some more expectations; I want at least 1 episode teasing other Universes even if it is done very vaguely. Yes, showing all these would take months, but that’s how Dragon Ball Z did it! Most of the Dragon Ball Super sagas seems rushed, and the fans find it difficult to get involved with the story. So, I hope they will take as many episodes as required for the story.


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