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According to a new Dragon Ball Super Theory, The Future Omni King is evil, and he is the one who will order the rule of destroying losing Universes.

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In all fairness, we did get a hint at the connection, with Zenos having different ideologies so say the least. In the last episode, we see Future Omni King trying to match hand movements with the present one. He corrects himself twice, and they showed this in a noticeable way. If Trunks and Future Trunks can have different hair color, I wouldn’t mind if one Omni was left-handed while the other is right-handed, but the real question is, why would he try to copy the other in that case?

If he's not fake, why would he copy? Another thing to note in this scene is that it appears Future Zeno mistakenly pushed the planet-crushing board game table in excitement, but we assume he did that willingly. So, we are pretty much predicting that Future Omni King will be rooting for destroying Universes.

Now, going past our locked prediction, we would like to stretch it a bit. The Future Omni might have got possessed by Zamasu. We know any Dragon Ball can grant immortality, but Zamasu wished for that from Super Shenron, so it must have some added value. Maybe even Gods can’t destroy him right away. When Trunks destroyed his physical body, we thought it was over, only to find out he started taking another form, as in he was about to make the entire Universe his body. Similarly, after Omni destroyed him and others went back to time he actually got in Future Omni’s body, and that is why we have the rule. I mean if Zamasu was in charge of setting standards in the tournament of power, wouldn’t he choose exactly this one? Adding to that, In the trailer we see Future Omni King was highlighted by Red color, and Zamasu after losing his body became Red. Also, when the Omni’s cross we see a greenish color on Future Omni, that also can be connected to Zamasu.

Stretching it even further, meaning, even unlikely to happen, as suggested by Tim Robinson on our page inbox, maybe even some part of Zamasu got hold of Goku too. That is why he is acting reckless, and if you want to put another tin foil hat on, maybe that’s why he disobeyed Beerus. Also, if you look at this scene from the opening, with the reddish aura around Goku; he gives a very devilish smile; It looks awfully familiar to Goku Black’s expression. Also, the way one side of his face was highlighted like that, that’s a symbolism pattern to show that a character has two sides in him.

However, like mentioned earlier these theories are far stretched, we are mainly sharing for fun. So, take only The Future Omni King being prone to destruction as ou locked prediction.

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