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There is so much more to the movie, Silence, than people realize. One evening my family and I were sitting with some friends in the lobby of a theater after watching the movie Patriots Day. There was a large screen playing previews for upcoming movies and the preview for Silence was one of the previews being shown. It was interesting to hear the comments from the people walking by, watching the screen. It was clear to me that they had no clue about the movie or what they were talking about.

Silence was first a historical .novel written by Shusaku Endo in 1966 about Jesuit missionaries in Japan. Over 800,000 copies of the book were sold and Endo was even considered for the Nobel Prize.

  • Martin Scorsese had worked on this film for a long time. In 1989, Scorsese was on a train traveling through Japan. He was there to play the part of Vincent Van Gogh in the movie Dreams, by Akira Kurosawa. While on the train, he read the novel. Scoresese found himself with the same perplexing questions as the guy in the story. The story spoke to him in such a way that he knew he had to make it into a film. Thirty years later, filming began.
  • The Jesuits are a real organization. Although the novel is fiction, the organization that the story is based off of is real. The Jesuits' were started by a man named Ignatius Loyola. Loyola and six of his students traveled to Rome to ask the pope permission to start a new religious organization. The pope granted their request on September 27, 1540. Since that day, the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits have been growing. There are now members all over the world.
  • Screening for Jesuits. In Rome, at the end of November, before the film even was shown in the United States, Scorsese treated 400 Jesuit priests to an advanced private screening of the movie. He also had a Jesuit priest, Rev. James J. Martin, as a consultant during the filming of the movie to be sure the film was authentic.

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