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Ever since I heard the announcement that Toy Story 4 was going to be about the romance between Woody and Bo Peep, I thought about when will this movie take place.

Now I know at first most people think it will take place after the 3rd movie, but I don't see how they could just throw her character back into the mix when she was gone for Toy Story 3. Although it could happen. (Never underestimate Pixar)

What I think will happen is the movie will either take place between the movies 1 and 3, or take place before the first one even started. The latter is less likely because then there would be no Buzz Lightyear. If they took place between 1 and 3 could it be possible that we see what happens to Bo Peep, and why she's gone for the 3rd film.

Now all I can do is guess at what will happen, and I know that if Pixar is making it, it will be good, but I just hope that it isn't a sad love story with.

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