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The world certainly hasn't been short of any Conjuring universe news lately. If you haven't been following any of the news, allow me to get you up to speed. Warner Bros. is getting slapped with a giant lawsuit for adapting the stories from the Warren case files. , a spin-off from the creepy character featured in , has started production. Of course, we can't forget little Annabelle. She unleashes the in the next installment of the Conjuring universe, Annabelle: Creation.

A full trailer for the newly re-titled Annabelle: Creation dropped recently, and I'm not sure if it looks quite on par with the first film. The plot centers around a doll maker and his wife, who after the death of their little girl, welcome a nun and several girls from an orphanage into their home. They all soon become the target of the doll maker's newest creation. Regardless of the plot or trailer, I think it will be interesting to see exactly how Annabelle got her start.

Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg, who gave us Lights Out last summer, took to his Instagram to share a brief behind-the-scenes snippet from the film. For everyone who thinks filming a horror movie is actually scary on set, Sandberg set the record straight captioning the post:

Things tend to look a bit lamer from a behind the scenes perspective.

The director also shared a plethora of behind the scenes pics on his twitter page:

From the looks of it, it seems that the production crew had a lot of fun creating the next Annabelle installment. I know that if I were on that set, I would have tried to hide the doll to scare a couple of crew members from time to time.

Annabelle: Creation hits theaters August 11th.

Will you be checking it out?


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