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The female division in WWE's developmental grounds, NXT, is becoming rather slim recently as top talent continues to be called up to the main roster for (arguably) bigger and better things. In only the last year, NXT has lost Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks- all of whom have gone on to become champions- and more recently the likes of Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. The problem is, they don't seem to be being replaced fast enough and recently rising stars such as Ember Moon still have some way to go. With the renewed interest in women's wrestling and the revival of WWE's women's division, this doesn't quite bode well.

Asuka /
Asuka /

NXT's current top lady (and one of the best on the entire roster- male of female) is Japanese veteran and current NXT Women's Champion, "Asuka"- formerly known in Japan as "Kana". Asuka has been dominant in NXT for over a year with competition for the champ becoming slim as she continues to splat everybody down like flies. In fact, "The Empress of Tomorrow" has been so dominant that her next opponent won't even be a part of the regular NXT roster. WWE is bringing in former five-time WWE Women's Champion, Mickie James, for their next event, NXT Takeover: Toronto.

Asuka's inevitable call up to the main roster is drawing ever-closer and with WWE not having built a replacement just yet (which at this point, seems to be the only reason in keeping her there), the company desperately needs to reach out and find somebody to fill the very large shoes that Asuka will leave behind, and fast.

Well, they may have just found her in international indie star, "Crazy" Mary Dobson. Dobson previously made appearances in NXT around this time last year as Sarah Dobson (her actual first name), which we assume she will be sticking with for her future with WWE but it is uncertain as of yet. The company recently revealed her signing, among some other top stars of the independent scene.

The Jason Vorhees mask-wearing Mary Dobson is known for her unorthodox style and horror-loving personality. She is widely known for her involvement in different types of hardcore matches (the type that you wouldn't see in WWE)- wrestling for various companies around the world, including Asuka's native land, Japan. In more recent years, Dobson has wrestled in widely known companies such as Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) and is becoming more familiar to fans everywhere. Due to her gimmick, speculation has already started that she may pair with the also horror-themed Wyatt family as their yet unseen Sister Abigail.

"Come at me, I dare you." / WWE via Tumblr
"Come at me, I dare you." / WWE via Tumblr

Dobson is seen by many as an easy replacement for Asuka if she can get over with the fans. Like Asuka, Dobson is playful and deadly- two qualities that made Asuka an instant favourite.

The rumor at the moment is for Asuka to be up on the main roster by Wrestlemania 33 on April 2nd, 2017. Hopefully by then, WWE will have found a new top lady for the NXT roster and hopefully Sarah Dobson will be it and hopefully, we will one day get to see she and Asuka lock horns in front of a sold-out crowd.


Do you think Sarah Dodson will be a worthy successor to Asuka?

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