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Over the years we've seen the Disney princesses interpreted in many different ways thanks the work of many creative geniuses all over the internet, however despite all of these, there has been something missing from the world of Disney princess mashups, something with a little Central American flair: sloths.

Finally the day has arrived when an artist, by the name of Phillip Light, realized the lack of Disney/Sloth mashups and has remedied the situation with an amazing collection of fan art, take a look:


She'll be the belle of the ball...eventually.

Snow Sloth

She could have been poisoned by the apple, but most likely she's just tired from all that chewing.

Sleeping Slothy

The true story of one sloth's dedication to sleep.

The Little Sloth-maid

Rumor has it she stayed on those rocks so long, she started growing seaweed in her hair.


"Can you paint with all the colors of the....zzzzzzZZZZZZ"

Princess Slothmine

Who needs a magic carpet ride when you can see a whole new world in your dreams?


Somewhere on those long locks Sloth Rider is slowly climbing.


Accidentally transforming her mother into a human, Merisloth must undo the spell before it's too late!

The Sloth Princess

Princess Slothiana loves two things: Beignets and comfortable tree branches.


Musloth takes on the Huns, one slow step at a time.

Sloth and the Beast

Belle the sloth went looking for her lost father, and it literally took the whole movie for her to reach the castle.

Which sloth princess is your favorite? Tell me below!

Source: Phillip Light via Mashable

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