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It didn’t take long for former Smackdown women’s champion Alexa Bliss to assert herself as one of Raw’s top women.

Bliss won a Fatal Fourway match against Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Nia Jax to become the No. 1 contender for the Raw women’s championship, currently held by Bayley. The two will clash on April 30 at Payback.

Bliss made her Raw debut last week as a part of the “Superstar Shakeup” to a star’s welcome. It wasn’t a surprise since there were reports that Bliss would be switching brands with Charlotte Flair. This is a great opportunity for the former Smackdown women’s champion to compete on another - and in some people’s opinion a bigger - stage.

Bliss has come along way since her days in NXT and she’s one of the superstars who shined after the brand split in the summer. Her promo skills have come leaps and bounds and she her wrestling is coming along well. One big thing is she’s also embraced her role as a heel.

Bliss had two reigns as the Smackdown women’s champion and accomplished all she could on the blue brand. Similar to what I said about Charlotte, having Bliss on Raw allows her to have feuds with new adversaries like Banks, Jax and Bayley.

In an interview with ESPN, Bliss said she was excited for the opportunity to face new opponents.

I like the idea that they’re putting Bliss in a program with Bayley right away. Creative is taking that momentum that Bliss gained from her Smackdown run and putting her in a high profile feud. On a personal note, I like the idea of Bayley and Bliss on Raw because fans never got a proper angle between them from NXT.

After Bayley retained her NXT womens’ title against Banks in their Iron Man match at NXT Takeover: Respect in (October 2015), Bliss came out and interrupted her celebration and snatched the belt from her, essentially challenging her for the title. I loved that moment because it set Bliss up as the brand’s next heel. It also gave Bayley a different challenge.

While she’s better than Bliss on a wrestling level, she has to contend with Blake and Murphy. The two had their match about a month later with Bayley getting the win and Bliss went to the back of the line.

Obviously, there’s no Blake and Murphy to back her up, but it will be interesting to see Bliss does against Bayley and what - if any - heel tactics she’ll use in their match. Because their first match is less than two weeks away, I kind of hope they feud beyond Payback and their storyline is given more time to develop.

If Bliss does win the Raw women’s title soon, she could boast that she’s the first woman to win championships on both brands, which would not only elevate her stock as a wrestler, but also give her character something to boast about - similar to Chris Jericho when he won the undisputed championship in 2001.

I'm excited for Bliss and I can't wait to see how and Bayley's feud goes down.

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