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This documentary is beautiful in every single way. Wide shots show the simple, but elegant landscape of the Mongolian Steppes. The concept shares the same qualities.

In a nomadic family, and traditional society, a female eagle hunter was unheard of. She is the first girl in 12 generations to hunt. In The Eagle Huntress, we watch a young girl, Aisholpan, break the glass ceiling. With the undying support of her family, she trains with her eagle.

The work ethic showed by Aisholpan, in a world where people are relying more and more on technology, is refreshing. She uses the same hunting and training tactics used by her father, grandfather, and all the men before her.

Between school and familial work, Aisholpan learns how to make her eagle attack and return with precision and speed. After months of training, she and her father go to the annual eagle hunting tournament.

She not only wins, but breaks records. Although she achieved her goal, broke multiple records, and brought honor to her family, Aisholpan still did not see herself as a true huntress.

What really made watching this documentary rewarding, was watching Aisholpan fail before she succeeded. Hunting a fox in the winter is hard, and extremely dangerous. It takes her weeks of riding with her father, and multiple attempts to finally get the fox.

The story itself is inspiring. It shows that through perseverance and support, anyone can achieve their goal. People should see this movie, if not for the story, but for the cinematography. The stunning and vast landscape is enough to feel lost yet intrigued.

Photo from IMDb
Photo from IMDb

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