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We all used to love the simplicity of Pac-man! The mission was clear and was hours of fun! These types of that I loved to play and sometimes still do! Here are a list of a few older that you may have forgotten about!


This game was the best and an early version of the cafe you see now. In the game you are a bar tender who serves beer or root beer depending on the version you played. You had to serve the beer fast enough to the costumers as well as collect the money. To makes sure you don't have to wasted beer you had to makes sure not to be too slow and not shoot off too many. It was a fun game especially when you have different customers like football players.


This was an awesome way of showing kids to look both ways! There were fun obstacles like the cars backing out of drive ways and throwing the newspapers while being chased by dogs! Of course it sucked when you had to start over when that red and white car hit you but you learned quick to watch out.


Personally, I could spend hours upon hours playing this and I still do occasionally! It was the most fun I had as a kid. Stacking the sides as high as possible then demolishing them with a piece that was four cubes tall! I absolutely love this and not many play or talk about it anymore.


Survival of the fittest seemed to be the real plot of the game to me. Unfortunately, my frog only seemed to fit under trucks and in alligators mouths! The real point was to get over the road or river safely. You had to wait to go past the trucks and ride logs across the river while avoiding being eaten. This was fun but equally frustrating!

These four epic took up countless hours of my young life! Now, they are fond memories I have of either beating or losing to my siblings. I don't regret anything!


What was your favorite video game as a kid?

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