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Since its launch on May 24th, Overwatch has garnered about 10 million players all over the world. The figure is very impressive indeed given that the game is less than a few months old. Blizzard has promised continued support for the game and the biggest coming update is soon to be released (hopefully) at the end of this month.

The gaming world is all a buzz with the competitive scene and Overwatch is no different. Blizzard has stated that one of their aim is to make Overwatch an eSport worthy game, and the big patch coming soon is going to bring just that: Competitive Play. So, what can we expect soon?

Jeff Kaplan, Game Designer at Blizzard Entertainment, spoke in a Developers Update video posted on Overwatch's Youtube Channel regarding this. One of the first things he mentioned was that new heroes and maps are coming soon and will be released throughout the year. Will there be one in the coming update? Fingers crossed.

Use more skill

Players in the Beta had the privilege of trying out the competitive mode. When the Beta ended, feedback regarding it were addressed by Blizzard. Players complained that the mode didn't feel "Competitive" enough with the tiered ranking system as you cant compare your skill levels with teammates and opponents. Now, players can expect a Match Making Ranking (MMR) alongside something what Blizzard calls "Skill Rating."

Players will be able to see other player's Skill Rating during a match. Each team will then have an "Average Team Skill Rating" which shows how skilled a team is in a match compared to their opponent. Teams with a lower average stands to gain more and lose less while the opposite applies to teams with a higher average.

The season length has also been changed. Previously, a season lasted one month before everything is reset and a new season starts. Players criticized that the length was too short and due to the tiered ranking system in the beta, it felt like climbing a ladder every month to reach the top instead of being more competitive in nature. Now, a season lasts 3 Months which corresponds to the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and August. Players will play around 2 and a half month before the season closes and a "off season" begins.

Changes To Assault Maps Like Hanamura
Changes To Assault Maps Like Hanamura

Players are now also able to see how many players are in a party. Jeff Kaplan also mention changes to the format on Assault Maps. "We heard that these maps flipped one way or the other way to quickly and that the maps were over way too soon." He promised that we'll hear more on these changes soon.

Finally, the rewards. It was expected that competitive play will have its own unique rewards for players and Blizzard has promised more sprays and player icons that are unique for players who play competitively. Also, a new cosmetic feature called "Golden Guns Systems" which gives player the ability to equipped golden variant of a hero's weapon. "Wait until you see Reinhardt's Golden Hammer", teased Jeff Kaplan.

More Cosmetics For Us In Competitive Mode
More Cosmetics For Us In Competitive Mode

Jeff has promised that once again that they will be consistently monitoring the game and will make any changes should the community feel that it is necessary. This is great news as fans will be delighted to hear continual support from the developers.

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