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I recently watched Rogue One.The best way to describe it's that it is the sequel to the prequels of the sequels of the prequels...(pretty confusing,right?).At the first 50 minutes of the film i genuinely thought it was a little boring.But when Lord Vader appeared on the screen things got interesting.I don't know if it's just me but i waited for Lord Vader to show up again.

One of my favorite characters of the films was Chirrut(i'm one with the force,the force is with me).I believe that he is such a badass.Also,i love love love Mads Mikkelsen.I loved him Hannibal and in Doctor Strange.He usually plays the ''bad guy" but i really liked him as Galen Erso.Then,can we talk about how cute K-2S0 was?I really wanted to give him a hug.What is more,i enjoyed very much the dynamic between Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor.But why?(spoiler alert).Why?Why did they have to die?I understand it was for the greater good but they were really good together and i really wanted to see a romance between them.

Overall i think it was a good film but did we really need it?Did it help with the telling of the story?Finally,in your opinion which lead female character you liked the most?Jyn(Rogue One) or Rey?(Star wars:the force awakens-you've got to admit this poster was way cooler).



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