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Each year the holiday season is an opportunity to be edgier,get glamed and be a little ore adventurous with your makeup.So here are a few easy and simple steps and tips to create the perfect makeup for the holidays.

  • 1.Apply moisturizer and primer to your face.The preparation of the skin is the most important step in your makeup routine.The primer will help your makeup last all day.

Tip:If you don't have a primer,just use your brother's/boyfriend's/father's after shave balm.It does wonders.

  • 2.After letting your moisturizer and primer sink in for a while,apply your foundation.

Tip:For a flawless finish,use a dump makeup sponge.

  • 3.Apply your concealer in your undereye area in an upside down triangle shape,over the bridge of the nose,on the eyelids,in the center of the forehead chin.

Tip:The concealer on the eyelids works also as eyeshadow primer.If you want to brighten your face,use a lighter concealer shade,but if you want to cover blemishes use the same concealer shade as your face.

  • 4.Apply your contour products on your cheekbones,on the sides of your nose and the temples of the forehead.

Tip:Cream contouring gives a more natural finish than powder contouring.If you prefer powder contouring you can do it after step 5.

  • 5.Apply powder to set everything.

Tip:Apply powder in your eyelids too.This will prevent any grease from showing up.For setting your face,you can either use translucent or color powder.You can also ''bake'' your undereye area with a loose pigment powder to ensure that the concealer won't grease.

  • 6.Fill and set your eyebrows.(If you have naturally thick eyebrows,i envy you.)

Tip:When filling your eyebrows,you can use either powder or pencil or even an eyeshadow.Start filling the tail of your eyebrows and leave the front part more natural.To set your eyebrows you can use a tinted or a clear gel.

  • 7.Apply the bronzer in all the areas where you applied the contour and the highlighter on the higher parts of your cheekbones,on the bridge of the nose,under your eyebrows,on your cupid's bow.

  • 8.It's time for the eyes.In your crease,apply a transition color.This can be a light brown or a brick color and it's better to be matte.In the outter third of the eyelid,apply a darker shade witch you can connect with the transition color.The transition color will add dimension and depth in your look.On the center of the lid,apply a much more lighter shade which is better to have a shimmer,such as a golden shade.In the inner third of the eyelid apply another sparkly shade to brighten your eyes and make them really pop.You can use the same product you used as your highlighter.After that,take a mixture of the eyeshadows you used as your transition shade and on the outter third of the eyelid,and apply it on your bottom lashes.Then you can apply eyeliner if you want.The last step is the application of the mascara.(Lot's of mascara)

Tip:When applying eyeshadow just to remember to keep blending.If you are having trouble applying your eyeliner,use a credit card to create the wing,which is the most difficult part.Also,don't forget to apply mascara on your bottom lashes.If you want to apply falsh lashes,use tweezers to make it easier.

  • 9.Apply your favorite lip liner and lipstick.(Red is perfect for the holidays)

Tip:Don't just line your lips with the lip liner,but also fill them in.

  • 10.Use a finishing spray to lock everything in.This step is as important as the first step.

*The order of the steps may vary.This is just a suggestion.

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