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The GameCube is, by far, one of the best Nintendo consoles in the publisher's history. The GameCube brought fans a plethora of games that are still remembered today. Seriously, who can forget Pikmin or The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? Now, the Nintendo may be getting a rendition of GameCube titles on the Virtual Console.

The news comes from NintendoToday, reiterating a response from Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi, who works in Nintendo's Entertainment Planning & Development division as a Deputy General Manager. According to him, development is underway for some form of GameCube emulation in-house.

"We cannot give a concrete answer, because we have nothing to announce at the moment," Koizumi said. "But there’s something I can tell you: we are working on some things along those lines."

The news has us thrilled thinking about the possibilities of Nintendo GameCube emulation on the Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console, and we're clamoring to think about all the ways we can play classic GameCube games on the go. Here's five of the games we want to see on the Switch Virtual Console.

'Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike'

The Rogue Squadron series found a pleasant home on the GameCube thanks to the system's advanced rendering capabilities. Both planetary and space battles were filled with familiar set pieces from the original trilogy to fly through (and, in some cases, destroy) as fans relived some of their favorite moments and feelings from the original trilogy.

Rebel Strike was easily the best installment between the GameCube games, thanks to its engaging mission lineup, which included fights on such planets as Yavin and Hoth. You can even do battle on foot during some missions, which was a pretty interesting concept for a Rogue Squadron game at the time.

'Pikmin 1 & 2'

The GameCube Pikmin games were amazing. Nintendo's foray into the world of tactical RTS strategy provided the company with one of the most memorable IPs to land on the GameCube: so much so that Nintendo even made a third game, Pikmin 3, for the Wii U.

With Pikmin 1 requiring long-term planning to bring Captain Olimar home, and Pikmin 2 featuring a variety of levels and worlds to explore at the player's leisure, both games brought a special blend of intense strategic action in a post-apocalyptic Earth-like world to the Nintendo GameCube. Suffice to say, I think everyone would like to relive their first few adventures with Captain Olimar on the Nintendo Switch.

'Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes'

Metal Gear Solid 1 on PlayStation 1 was great, but Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is arguably the definitive version of the original game. Ported over to GameCube six years after the original, The Twin Snakes brings over a variety of gameplay features introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, as well as better graphics and enhanced cutscenes. To this day, it's still one of the most well-done remakes within the entire series. Which is exactly why Nintendo should port this title over to the Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console.

'Luigi's Mansion'

Ah, the Nintendo GameCube's first survival horror game... sort of. Luigi's Mansion placed Luigi in the role of a mansion vacuumer battling through a variety of ghosts infesting a strange mansion that has imprisoned Luigi's brother, Mario. The game was impressive at its time, showing both the graphical capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube as well as its ability to host fun and engaging games that weren't just carbon copies of classic Nintendo 64 titles.

'Super Smash Bros. Melee'

Is there a GameCube game that can top Super Smash Bros. Melee? No, there isn't. It's one of the most popular titles available on the system to this day, with many Super Smash Bros. fans continuing to play the game both casually and competitively on the system. Besides, each and every one of us has a fond memory of a killer multiplayer Melee session together with friends when we were kids. Melee on Switch would be incredible, both for the competitive community, and for fans who want to have some four-player LAN action together once more.

What GameCube titles would you like to see on the Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console? Let us know in the comments below.

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