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A brand new patch just dropped for Watch Dogs 2, along with new content added onto the game's ending. With a new conversation tacked onto the game's ending, fans are speculating that Ubisoft might've just dropped new information hinting at Watch Dogs 3's location.

Spoilers below, if you haven't finished Watch Dogs 2 yet.

Within the patch, a brand new cutscene teases how the anti-establishment DedSec cells have gone global. The two men decide to "make the call" regarding the emergence of DedSec and hacktivist organizations, and the call ends. Very little information can be gleamed from there, other than the fact that DedSec has a long battle ahead.

But a small, subtle detail has given birth to the curiosity over Watch Dogs 3. The call's title is "51.462014, -0.112504.wav," which leads to coordinates hinting at London: particularly, just a few blocks away from Loughborough Park, in Brixton.

Fans are now speculating that the .wav recording could be hinting to the location for the upcoming Watch Dogs 3 game. Or, perhaps, locations within the game -- after all, the call talks about how organizations are springing up across the world, which could mean Watch Dogs 3 will take place across the globe.

Who knows? If so, here's five of the locations we'd like to see in Watch Dogs 3.


OK, London is an obvious choice, but visiting the capital of the United Kingdom would be an amazing experience. It would be fun going sightseeing for London's historic monuments, not to mention hacking tech giants stationed in one of Europe's most historic cities. If we can commandeer one of those double-decker buses, then we'd be all set for a trip to London.


Another iconic European city, Paris was (and, arguably, still is) the cradle of European culture. We'd love to take some time around Paris to climb the Eiffel Tower, run away from the police in the metro system, or have a shootout at the Louvre. There's a pretty long legacy of stories about American vagabonds making a name for themselves in France's capital, too, so an "American-in-Paris" story for Watch Dogs 3 would be perfect.


Imagine all the opportunities to hack ctOS in Tokyo? Between the subway system, the police, and the sheer number of people in Tokyo, Watch Dogs 3 would be amazing if the game took us to Japan. The sheer size of the city, plus its diverse districts and sublime nightlife, would make the capital an excellent opportunity for a Watch Dogs 3 location. Plus, it'd be a great way to visit Japan without buying a plane ticket!


If not Tokyo, why not Beijing? China has been a tech giant on the market for years, so the city would be perfect example for an unveiling of ctOS. Plus, there would be an opportunity for some serious storytelling about the relationship between American tech enterprises and Chinese workers forced into grueling labor. Taking Watch Dogs 3 to Beijing could be a powerful experience for DedSec.


It sounds like Watch Dogs 3 will have a global focus. If so, there's very little chance that the game will stay in North America. But Watch Dogs 2 was developed by Ubisoft Montreal in Montreal, Quebec. And besides, very few open-world action games take place in Canada. Wouldn't it be rad if Watch Dogs 3 went to the developers' hometown? We'd love to see their interpretation of everyday life in a technological dystopian Montreal. Count us in.

It's hard to say for certain where Watch Dogs 3 is headed, but we're open to various options. Whether we go, we definitely hope it's exciting.

What city would you like to explore in the Watch Dogs universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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