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Okay, so let me preface this with saying that Episode III was actually my favourite out of the prequels (doesn't say much), and really only mainly because Jar-Jar fucking Binks was not a prominent character.

My friend just posted this article on Facebook: "Did Inadequate Women's Health Care Destroy Star Wars' Old Republic?". It's a good read. And it definitely touches on something important: that maternal health is important. I mean, she's right on here

He seriously spends two hours of the movie freaking out about his wife’s uterus, and hypes himself up so much that he gets to the point of slaughtering tiny tots in a Jedi temple. All because he can’t think of another way to save Padme from reproductive health complications.

And her conclusion makes so much sense I can't bear it:

Right. So true. As she says, "Prenatal visits never happen in Episode III, not even offscreen. Despite Anakin’s spiraling paranoia about Padme’s health, doctors or hospitals are bizarrely never mentioned. And the evidence says that Padme never got an ultrasound."

That is a little bit weird, I guess if you stop to think about it. I mean, while some facets of the Star Wars universe are a bit backwards, they do have fucking spaceships that can do the Kessel Run in 12 Parcecs, and technology that can suck the energy out of a star and then beam it precisely at a planet in another system. I mean, that's pretty fucking advanced.

But perhaps part of what the author is getting at is that part of what suffers (in our universe as well as the Star Wars Universe) when we spend all of our energy building evil empires and fighting with each other is developing good healthcare systems. (And, especially, for everyone - I mean, yeah, if Padme wasn't seeing an OB/GYN, than fuck, I wouldn't want to be a woman on some lowly planet somewhere).

But I've got another issue with Episode III. It was probably the most annoying to my feminist side, like: "really, another story about a guy who turns evil over love for a woman?"

Like, that whole notion that women are temptation that can make men go crazy. It seriously gets on my nerves.

I mean, that's what Anakin did. And in my mind, if that was Anakin's reaction, than that's on Anakin. Padme doesn't have anything to do with his particular brand of mental health issues. I mean, yes, he loves her, she's his wife. But he was messed up over his love for her from the beginning, exhibiting signs of obsessive love and attachment anxiety.

Anakin Skywalker Needs to Take Responsibility for his Own Shit. As much as they need to see an OB/GYN, he needs to see a fucking counselor.

I mean, look, I get it: he was messed up from his childhood. His mom died and he surely got some issues from that. His dad - well, I mean, come on, most people have some kind of issues from their dad not being around enough or whatever, and he didn't even have a fucking dad. (Another thing that perhaps having more prenatal care around would have flushed out as being quite weird).

The whole Star Wars characters with Jesus like qualities comes back again and again. Not having a father. The fucking desert. I guess Anakin was more like an anti-christ in the end. But then we meet Luke, again in a fucking desert (and I've said it before: you would think that in the infinite planets out there in space, they could get more creative with their eco-systems). And Rea, well, we still don't really know who her father is, so she could be another virgin birth and again in the fucking desert. (Or maybe, just to twist it up a little, it's a mother she doesn't have. I mean, if in this universe we don't understand basic reproductive science...)

Anyways, the point I am making is that Anakin should have seen a therapist. Work through some of his weird attachment issues. He's got an obsessive attachment to Padme, and that's usually covering up deeper-seated psychological issues. The truth is, no one else should ever be that much a centre of our attention, enough that we feel like we can't live without them, and especially not to turn to the dark side and start killing half the galaxy over it.

But that's sort of the version of love that we are spoon-fed by so much media, isn't it? This obsessive desire, and love that is proven not by how much we can actually listen and understand that person but by how much we seem to need them, how much radical, and wild things we will do for them.

Look, if Anakin really valued Padme, like in a healthy way beyond obsessive infatuation, he would have listened to what she wanted. He would have known that she wasn't going to be happy with the darkness he was contributing to. His love for her was expressed in incredibly selfish ways: yes, he was trying to save her life, but it seemed more than anything for his sake. It wasn't asked what she wanted.

Personally, I would like to think I would rather die in childbirth than be a blamed instrument in the Republic falling and millions of people being killed. Maybe that's just me.

I get it, Natalie Portman is fucking hot. Maybe if she ever kissed me, I would change my perspective here and see where Anakin was coming from. But I'd like to think that even if Natalie Portman kissed me and I got all crazy obsessed with her, my friends would shake me up from my dizziness and remind me that I should stop checking my phone to see if she's texted me in and enjoy my fucking dinner.

I mean, because there's more to life. A woman can't possibly destroy your mental health. (In my experience, a woman can definitely trigger emotional issues and exacerbate them - but hey, that's also a relationship that I left because it was making me crazy - not a relationship that I took down a regime for).

Love isn't about feeling so crazy that you'll answer to a dark lord and take down a regime. Love is about accepting someone as they are, listening to them, and dealing with the fact that they don't wash their dishes or like watching stupid TV shows while you'd rather be watching Star Wars.

I wish that more movies would emphasise that side of love. it might help make the rest of us a little bit less fucked up, romantically.

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