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Love Marvel and a bit of Dc too. Hell, i love superheroes period.

Man what a week it has been for fans of Dc's Television Universe!

Tuesday was a wonderful evening as Flash gave as an exiting episode filled with morals, drama, betrayal, kick ass special effects (excuse my grammar) and an ultimate superhero team up (The Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm)! Then Wednesday CBS gave us the first look at its upcoming show Supergirl! I have yet to watch the latest Arrow episode but I promise to do so tonight. Then today just five hours ago, CW revealed its first look on its next big hit Dc's Legends of Tomorrow!

Wow so many exclamation points...

I just watched this trailer not to long ago so I'm still a bit shaking out of excitement. What I truly love about this trailer is that it presents the live action superhero team up that we desperately anticipated from DC. Remember as kid watching DC animated shows or even reading the comics and just wishing that you could one day see this come to life? This is exactly what this shows offer! Frankly, I'm even more excited for a further expansion of the Arrow/Flash universe than DC's Cinematic Universe.

I am truly amazed as to how far Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg have been able to extended the world that started with Arrow, which is based on a lesser known hero than Superman and Batman. If you couldn't tell already, I can not quit geeking out about this. Let's see what else the minds behind Arrow and Flash have in store for us in the near future.

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