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Hey i'm Andy i love to write about Movie's, Games and TV Shows my favorite superhero is Iron Man and The Flash .

As we all know, Disney has many characters with and without beards. Annie Erskine decided to see what bearded Disney characters would look like after a shave, and what the clean shaven characters would look like with a big bushy beard!

Annie Erskine, the mastermind behind these images, shared these on her website, which also features more awesome artwork and design!

The Sultan - Aladdin

He looks so much younger!

Aladdin - Aladdin

Emperor - Mulan

Gaston - Beauty and the Beast


Merlin - The Sword in the Stone

He doesn't look too pleased about his new look!

Prince Phillip - Sleeping Beauty

kashekim nedakh - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

He doesn't look as wise anymore!

Scar - The Lion King

He looks just as evil as before...

Triton - The Little Mermaid

I bet he can swim even faster now!

Zeus - Hercules

You can see the resemblance to Hercules now that he's had a shave!

What did you think of these characters with or without beards? Let me know in the comments below!

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