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Elf. The classic Christmas movie starring Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf as he leaves the North Pole to go find his father in New York City. The following adventure includes arguments, Santa Clause, a very angry elf...and high elves? Well, maybe. One of the more memorable scenes in the movie is when Buddy goes down to the mail room at his father's company. Buddy is set to work and accepts some "syrup" from one of the other workers for his coffee. Which led to a heart-to-heart talk with said worker while lying on stacks of mail and a dance in the middle of everything:

It's during this scene that we get an idea that the elves could be high. When Buddy is first brought to the mail room, he says that it's similar to Santa's workshop, "except it smells like mushrooms and everybody looks like they want to hurt me." Let's think about that for a second. There's only one way that Buddy would know what mushrooms smell like: experience. After all, Buddy tends to be mildly naive. He didn't know what his new friend's "syrup" was and was blown away by simple things: revolving doors, the "very sucky" mail tube, etc. So how would Buddy know about mushrooms?

If the elves used them. Anything Buddy learned at the North Pole, he excels at (at least at a human level). It took him a single night to redecorate the store for Santa, he created at least two dozen snowballs in the time it took Michael to make one, and he can draw the Mona Lisa on an Etch-A-Sketch. If you compare how Buddy acts with things that he knows compared to how he reacts to things he doesn't know, you'll see a difference. If Buddy wasn't familiar with the smell of mushrooms, he would have freaked out over the scent. But Buddy took the smell of mushrooms into stride as he examined his new workplace, indicating that he knew what they were.

How would the elves use their mushrooms? Probably with sugar. Consider the scene where Buddy is eating with the family for the first time; he asks for syrup for his spaghetti. When he learns there isn't any at the table, he produces his own little flask of syrup...from the North Pole. While he drained that container on his spaghetti, it's a safe bet that he either had another flask on him or he had another form of candy from the North Pole to eat.

When you look at the signs in the movie, it seems more than possible that the elves are high on mushrooms. Or maybe it's a constant sugar high. But I'm pretty sure that they're high on mushrooms. After all, there's no other reason that the elves would be that happy to start getting ready for Christmas so soon. If there one positive to take from the fact that the elves could be high, it's that Buddy said "except." So Santa does seem to keep a drug-free workplace.

Happy Holidays!


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