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Over the past days I have read and watched videos of people being soo bad to animals. It is a terrible thing to do. Maybe what you should do is if you see someone abusing an animal/animals, try yo save the animal/animals or call the police. Even if it is a wild animal it still does not deserve to be treated horrible. If you see an animal or animals that are hurt, go help them, don't just leave them. They may try to bite or hurt you, but thats because they are frightend, they think you are going to hurt them. Just PLEASE think about them and keep your pets safe too. Also, PLEASE don't hurt your own pets or abandon them. You may think they don't love you but deep down inside they do. If you just leave them they will be soo scared and sad. So what I am saying is to make sure to keep your animal/animals or other animals. Don't let all the animals down, make them happy. They will be soo happy. Like they say some animals are like a mans best friend.

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