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It is totally not uncommon that even a deep and serious TV Series Arrow has got some funny moments, funny dialogues and sarcasms in it. The Producers always want to make us laugh sporadically.

Here, I have picked up 3 moments from the last episode of CW TV Series ARROW which has the potential to test our humour.

  • Moment No.-1. Dream conversation between Ollie and Felicity:

This scene definitely made me laugh when Oliver decides not go for the dual against Ra's after listening to Felicity. Ofcourse! it was a dream sequence. But just imagine Oliver really not going for the fight just because he loves Felicity!!! Awwww Sweet!!!

  • Moment No.-2. Ray's reaction after the gunmen attack:

After getting his ass kicked by some thugs of Brick, Ray nervously says Felicity- "See? That's why I need a Technosuit." It was really hilarious to see Ray not giving up on persuading Felicity to help him in his ATOM Project.

  • Moment No.-3. Brick's reaction on Ray:

When Brick meets the Mayor at Brockton Point in person to negotiate, it was again funny to see Brick making fun of Ray Palmer by saying- "What are you doing here, Palmer? Just want to make yourself look important? Good luck with that." Seems like the future superhero ATOM will have to be a joke for others before he gets into his Nanosuit.


So tell me guys, which one among the 3 moments was yours favourite?

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