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Marvel Studios is very secretive about its films, but information still manages to escape the company's tight fist.

Even as Avengers: Infinity War is in the midst of production, Marvel has done its best to prevent information and set photos slipping out to the public. Actors aren't even sure if they are allowed to mention their involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the press. But one actor has broken his silence on his role in Infinity War, thanks to a behind-the-scenes shot which emerged online, and his comments give us some new info about Marvel's casting process.

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor Plays Ebony Maw In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Ebony Maw [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Ebony Maw [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Irish actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Peaky Blinders, Love/Hate) has revealed that he plays a significant role in . While the actor didn't confirm his exact role, set photos have revealed that he will play Ebony Maw, as the words "EB MAW" were written across his shoulders on his CGI suit.

Ebony Maw is a dangerous member of Thanos' Black Order and has the power of persuasion along with super-intelligence. He is the second actor out of the Black Order lineup to be officially announced, following mo-cap actor Terry Notary (Planet of the Apes, Warcraft), whose specific character is unknown.

This info came out after a leaked set photo featuring Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and star Benedict Cumberbatch was posted on Twitter, leading to the actor's reveal during an interview with RTE Radio 1's Second Captains.

During the interview, Vaughan-Lawlor revealed that he was portraying Ebony Maw in the upcoming blockbuster, but hesitated to give any more details as Marvel would have his head on a cutting board.

“I am. But it’s like I’m one of those ones where you go into a sentence to say something about it and hope you have a job at the end of the sentence.

You sign so many documents and waivers and people ask you about it and you have to give the generic and boring "I can’t say too much about it." But I am doing it and it’s really amazing and an amazing thing to be part of.

Clearly, this was something that the Irish actor wanted to get off his chest, but Marvel's strict privacy policies wouldn't allow him. In fact, Vaughan-Taylor continued to speak about how he had to go through background checks before arriving on set.

“They didn’t know me so when I went over they were meeting me for the first time. They do background checks to make sure you’re not a white supremacist and they’re not hiring someone with weird baggage."

We knew Marvel Studios is a very protective studio, but didn't realize some of the specific details in the screening process for potential cast members. This makes a lot of sense, however. Image-conscious Marvel doesn't want to shine a spotlight on anyone with a really dodgy background or extreme political views – especially under the family-friendly Disney banner.

Is Marvel too secretive or is that how it should be? Discuss below!

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