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With the hype and mystery built up (as usual) with Season 6 of American Horror Story, there are many differing opinions and predictions of where the season could possibly be going. After watching each week and being completely caught up with Season 6 (before tonight's episode), I have an idea of what could be next for the rest of the Roanoke story horrors.

Note: There are spoilers for the last few episodes, so if you aren't caught up, here's a SPOILER WARNING for after the jump.

We left off last week feeling like we had an ending, as Shelby, Matt, Lee, and Flora escape the house after a horrific night and wrap up their Roanoke story. Now, we know that each season is thirteen episodes, so what could we possibly see next?

After the sneak peek at the end of last week's episode, my prediction is that they will keep up with the storyline of a paranormal/haunting show. They could combine the story/dramatizations with a new investigation, taking place present-day to continue the Roanoke Nightmare. Personally, with previous knowledge of house-haunting shows and documentaries, I believe that this is the route they will take. AHS always gives a twist about this time in their seasons, and by having newer characters interact with the horrors of the Butcher and her colony could introduce that.

It's possible, and highly likely, that the former characters will interact with ghost hunters. I'm wondering if it's possible that Shelby and crew return to the house, and possibly try to get rid of the spirits there. The psychic, Ambrose, had mentioned that he was told how to stop the madness by the witch (Lady Gaga's character) before he was murdered by the Butcher. My thought is that now that he's been murdered on those grounds, his spirit is stuck there like the others before him. Could it be possible that he would find a way to communicate how to do so from beyond the realm of death?

I think so.

What are your thoughts before tonight's episode?

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