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Now a lot of people have been worried about the fate of the DCEU, including me. After they announced that Geoff Johns will be taking charge, people started having higher hopes from the franchise, and for good reason. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should be excited for Justice League.

1. Zack Snyder & Geoff Johns

Batman v Superman had a lot of mixed reviews. A lot of people hated it, but a lot of people loved it too. My chief concern with the film was that it had a very grim tone. From all the released footage it is clear that Zack has listened to all the reviews by the critics and fans. Just compare the posters of the pre-Geoff and post-Geoff movies, you'll see the difference.

Dark and Grim [Credits : Warner Bros.]
Dark and Grim [Credits : Warner Bros.]
Light and Hopeful [Credits : Warner Bros.]
Light and Hopeful [Credits : Warner Bros.]

Just see that colour! Did you see that in BvS?

Snyder has actually learned from his mistakes with Batman v Superman and Man of Steel. Geoff said and I quote:

"We’re trying to take a really hard look at everything to make sure we stay true to the characters and tell stories that celebrate them"

In short, this is good news for DC fans. The movies are undergoing a "Hopeful and Optimistic" change, which can be clearly seen in Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman.

2. Wonder Woman

After Johns took over, fans were very worried. If Johns couldn't save the DCEU, then no one knew what could. Luckily for us, Wonder Woman not only pleased the fans, the critics were amazed as well. All the theories about Rotten Tomatoes being biased towards disney, or having an anti-DC rating approach, finally came to an end. Wonder Woman not only showed the audience that DC can nail a female-lead superhero flick, but also that they no longer have to depend on a grim and gritty tone to appeal to a more mature audience.

The movie shows that DC is changing their cinematic universe's theme, and for good!

Also, Gal Gadot is an amazing choice for playing the Amazonian princess. Batman v Superman didn't allow the fans to judge her version, because she had like 12 dialogues in the movie. But, the solo film confirmed that she is the perfect casting choice. The movie literally has the best Rotten Tomatoes score of any DC or Marvel movie yet.

3. Batfleck

Everyone loved Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker, and Christian Bale's Batman were one of Cinema's greatest accomplishments. The Dark Knight became not only one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, but one of the best movies in general. On the other hand, the 2003 Daredevil movie was met with very ugly reviews. Thankfully, Marvel Studios resurrected the character in 2015 with their Netflix series. The internet exploded with memes when Warner Bros. announced their casting choice for Gotham's billionaire playboy. There was no way Affleck could live up to the expectations of the fans. After all, he played the Devil of Hell's Kitchen in arguably one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

You were great Christian, but so is Ben.
You were great Christian, but so is Ben.

But, after BvS hit theaters, Batman was the best thing about it! Most people loved Affleck's Batman. It is probably the best version of Batman seen on the big screen (sorry Schumacher). Just look at his Bruce Wayne moments. He effortlessly shifts from Bruce Wayne to Batman, like in Lex's party. He's batman with Alfred, and Bruce Wayne with everybody else. I loved his version of Batman, and I can't wait to see more. He is the Batman we deserve, and also the one we need right now(This is a Batjoke).

It's like they ripped him straight out of the Animated Series! [Credits : Warner Bros.]
It's like they ripped him straight out of the Animated Series! [Credits : Warner Bros.]

Overall, I think it's safe to say that Warner Bros. has been smart with its casting choices. Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are great choices for the characters they are playing. And I certainly hope the same is true with Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller.


From all the released footage, one thing is clear. The movie has actual humor. Now I know what you're thinking. "Suicide Squad had humor. Why didn't it do well?". I'm glad you asked. Even though the movie had jokes and a lot of fun moments, it followed the same formula. Having all these super people fit in a dark and cruel world. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, had good and light-hearted humor, and it is literally the story of a woman who believes that the world of men can be saved with the power of love. This is exactly what the DCEU needs! This is what made the movie great.

What are your superpowers again? [Credits : Warner Bros.]
What are your superpowers again? [Credits : Warner Bros.]

Even though I am a DC fan myself, I accept that Warner Bros. had it wrong initially. Batman v Superman failed because the characters didn't feel like superheroes. The big mess of a fight with Doomsday in the end (Yeah, I used the D-word), did a great job in bringing them together, but it didn't feel like teamwork at all. Batman and Wonder Woman's presence felt redundant. The movie became a very messy combination of The Death of Superman, and The Dark Knight Returns. The audience isn't looking for serious superheroes working together just because they happen to be in the same place at the same time (ahem ahem Doomsday). The fans want to see them build individual relationships with each other, and how they come up with creative ways to tackle problems (Does no one remember the Justice League cartoon?).

5. It's the Justice League

Forget about everything you just read, and answer the following questions (they're rhetorical).

  • Do you love watching movies?
  • Do you love superheroes?
  • Are you excited for seeing all these superheroes come together?

Then forget about all that has happened in the DCEU. Forget about this article. The trailers look great, the casting is perfect, and DC is on track. So just enjoy the movie when it releases. It is not about how the critics rate the movie. At the end of the day, only your opinion should matter to you. So relax and wait for DC to surprise you.

Comment your favorite member of the League down below.

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