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Fans of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead are far from shy about their love for Clementine. Most are in overwhelming agreement that, if Clementine were not in the series, they wouldn't even buy the game. The love runs deep. As someone who is an appreciator of stories that know their limits, I can't say that I feel the same and it's become apparent that it's about time for Clementine to expire.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Telltale's Clementine Has To Die

As expected, the latest season of game, A New Frontier, is tearing us apart. We've already witnessed an unusually mortifying shock death and enough twists to last us a lifetime. As a matter of fact, we are clutching on for dear life from the cliffhanger that the second episode left us with.

I have no doubt that there will be more craziness to come but, based on what we've seen so far, I'm thinking that the most notable bit of craziness will be the death of Clementine.

WARNING: This whole thing is one big spoiler plus one Game of Thrones game-changer that I have marked out of the goodness of my heart.

4. Clementine Is A Playable Character, But Not That Kind Of Playable Character

[Credit: Telltale Games]
[Credit: Telltale Games]

Obviously there isn't much to be said about the season as a whole since we've only gone through two episodes so far. However, the little bit of play time we've had with Clementine has been more like an anthological catch-up session than an actual opportunity to play as Clementine.

While the future could have more Clementine-time in store for us, I am feeling like her presence as more of an NPC is speaking volumes about the future. After all, the longtime trope would indicate that one of the last things you see before you die is your life flashing before your eyes! Clementine's is flashing before ours.

3. Telltale Isn't Afraid To Kill Children... Or The Main Character.

[Credit: Telltale Games]
[Credit: Telltale Games]

Telltalle has given us not one but two series in which children are just as likely to die as their adult counterparts. This is a pretty big deal considering the fact that, in most cases, you can kill anything you want in a game that isn't a child. Most games don't even have kids in them—they're just referenced!

Telltale is also not above killing your playable character. Remember, their season?

In the first season of Telltale's Game of Thrones, our playable character is actually murdered by Ramsey Snow at the end of the episode.

So, even if we do get the chance to actually play as Clementine, we can now be sure that this form of "plot armor" no longer exits in the Telltale realm.

2. Clementine's Connection With Other Characters Is Damning

[Credit: Telltale Games]
[Credit: Telltale Games]

Though virtually anything can happen in this story, one thing that tends to happen when a character does too well in the having-your-sh*t-together sector is that this one character dies. If the one character doesn't die, then everyone else has to die. Clementine has been at the pinnacle of this rotation of humans for a while now.

The post-apocalyptic universe doesn't like groups and it really doesn't like happy people. Sure, Clementine is miserable and has no family but she also a generally untethered, seasoned fighter with one very strong motivator in her life—that's AJ.

Though you could just as easily argue that she's got a full life ahead of her with him, there must be a reason that she hasn't already made that happen and I highly doubt that this reason isn't an incredibly dangerous one. Clementine has got to be headed to the climax of her story and the build-up has been less than optimistic.

Sure, we could dissect the many reasons why we feel Clementine is central to the Walking Dead but it's becoming clearer and clearer that this is no longer true. The focus has clearly shifted and she's now more of a catalyst than a hero. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier may feature Clementine, but it's not Clementines story—it's Javier's.

1. If We Want More Story, We Need Less Clementine (Preferably None)!

Clementine's an old gal in Walking Dead years. [Credit:]
Clementine's an old gal in Walking Dead years. [Credit:]

Clementine may only be 13 years old or so, but she has gone through so many major milestones in the game (relative to the types of things that go on in the Walking Dead universe) and I can't imagine there is much more for her out there other than a love story or two. That would get old very fast.

The other issue is maybe a bit meta. As I was playing, I noticed that there are a few moments where you are essentially choosing between Clementine and Javier's family. I sided with Clementine whenever I could and immediately realized how problematic that was. I cannot imagine that there are very many people out there who, after basically watching Clementine grow up across two other seasons, would do anything other than agree with her. There really can't be many!

[Credit: Telltale Games]
[Credit: Telltale Games]

By the time I had finished my playthrough it appeared that around 96% of the players at that time had done the same and stood strong with Clem. What's my beef with that? Well, it's Javier's choices that we're making.

Remember, Javier doesn't really know Clementine that well and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that in most of these situations, he probably would have chosen his family and their safety without blinking. With Clementine around, we'll continue to struggle to let Javier be Javier.

Don't get me wrong, y'all—I live for her, I really do. Clementine is lovely... but she's also story poison and she simply has to go. If you really care about Clementine, you'll let her die. We did it for Lee, we can do it for her. Who knows? Maybe AJ will be the next to take the crown!

I know you think I'm wrong, but on a scale of "possibly wrong" to "shut your mouth, you bitter lady", where do I stand with this theory?

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