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Hey guys, I haven't made any articles in quite some time and lately I have had time after the holiday season for retail to finally play catch up on the more recent cult classics that have been coming out. I did do a review for The Forest which I thought to be totally and completely amazing. I even used it as my sole example really for explaining the genre of psychological horror!! But now on to the next movie in this genre that has come out pretty recently.

In 2014, Goodnight Mommy revealed itself and I saw so many trailers for it that I wanted to see it super badly. Unfortunate for me, none of my family members or close friends are all that into the horror genre or its sub-genres. So I had to wait until I found this movie on Amazon Prime to watch it.

After all the amazing things I heard about it, I thought I was going to be absolutely blown away and that my eyes would be glued to the TV screen the whole time! However, that was not the case.

In my opinion, there was something really lacking from this movie although I can't quite pinpoint what that is. Perhaps I need to watch it a few more times but it registered as more like a dark fairy-tale with a not-so-elegant plot twist. The first half of the film, although aesthetically really (and I mean REALLY) pleasing to the eye, was such a drag to get through. I paused the movie a few times just to see how far along I was and even groaned when I realized, that at one point, I was just 20 minutes into a 1 hour, 40 minute film of boring nothingness.

The beginning also made absolutely no sense and throughout the film nothing seemed to mesh together to tell me any sort of story. The children playing in the beginning seemed to set up a happy family dynamic but there was no one watching them it seemed which made no sense. The mother coming home also made no sense because she needed to make so many rules (which were understandable for the most part) due to her injuries or the surgery or whatever she had. What really irked me that was never explained was the death of Leo the cat. Now that was just honestly very disturbing and had me raising eyebrows over what this film seemed to be condoning. It seemed to me that maybe the cat died of natural causes, Elias poisoned him, or maybe the mother did something to poor Leo to make a point to Elias about Lukas having died. Either way you put it, a lot of things in the movie were never explained and it leaves you with so many more questions than answers.

The part where the mother finally explains Lukas is dead is probably the only time you get any answers in the entire film but it still leaves the viewer with so many more questions. How did Lukas die? Why exactly did the mother get facial surgery? What is Elias's mental illness? Why didn't the mother call anyone for help? And where the hell is this dad everyone kept hollering about? Just so many questions that it was almost like I didn't have time to watch the movie at all.

In fact, I spent a vast majority of the film pausing and researching to see what the storyline really was. Basically I was so confused that I needed second opinions to make sure I could follow this extraordinarily confusing movie. Many of the reviews and commentary I found held mixed reviews with some saying it was amazing and others saying it was basically the equivalent of trash. In one critical review ( the director of the film sort of flat out refused to answer a question about the ending stating that he wanted to leave it up to the viewer's interpretation. Honestly, the film even confused the critics watching and reviewing it to the point where they needed to ask the director and he was like, "uh nope just guess peace out all"!

Listen, I know it sounds like I may be butchering this film to smithereens but for a psychological horror, it really wasn't there for me. I don't know what one would classify this movie as but it definitely shouldn't be psychological horror. A psychological horror would at least answer some of these questions I have presented via various flashbacks and through the other characters but this movie gave me next to nothing to work with. There was so much delusion throughout the film that I actually thought I was watching an episode of The Twilight Zone! And I freaking hate that series with a burning passion.

upload itell next review will be for Tusk and hopefully I will be able to view it very very soon.


So what did you think of Goodnight Mommy?

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